Maleja Restrepo reveals that her face was twisted, what happened?

Maleja Restrepo, recognized for presenting the contest Warriors of Channel 1 and for having several followers on social networks, he recounted intimacies in a program broadcast by Laura Acuña on the digital platform YouTube.

In Laura Acuna’s room the guest was Maleja, she told a part of her life that few knew. When she was just 15 years old, she had several problems within her family that caused her great concern.

“When I was 15 years old I started working and that age was very different from that of all the girls, because we went through a very hard stage with our families. LSeparation from my parents, which was very difficult, was compounded by my sister’s illness. My sister has been diabetic since she was two years old, and when I was fifteen, she entered a very complicated stage of the disease. her diabetes begins to get complicated, and after many processes, many operations, my sister wakes up without seeing, after 24 days of seeing life she wakes up seeing black, it was very hard as a family and for her”, Restrepo narrated.

After contextualizing everything he experienced, he told what all these events caused on his face. “In that process of my sister’s illness, the separation from my parents, my face twists, from stress, from anguish. My mother having to face everything to get us ahead financially speaking, uff… there were many things and one at 15 years old what tools do you have, and that one does not know how to face all that, how to get out of here, “said Maleja revealing what had happened at such a young age on his face.

Of course, apparently he had a great recovery, so much so that today he has no traces of that paralysis and was able to enter the world of television due to his beauty, talent and the support of his family.

Recently, Maleja Restrepo and her partner Sebastián ‘Tatán’ Mejía celebrated their 12-year relationship, and their happiness was that of hundreds of people on social networks who follow the occurrences of this couple every day, which has become one of the most darlings of the Colombian show business.

The announcement was made by Maleja through the stories from his Instagram account, in which he also revealed that she felt very happy because her husband had remembered the special date, although with a little help that came from the presenter. “Look, today is a very special day, because today with Sebas we are celebrating 12 years of being together, and he did remember; Of course, I put the reminder and everything, ”Restrepo said in a video that he showed on social networks, in which he appears with some of his relatives.

As expected, the fans of this couple did not hesitate to congratulate them on the love “so beautiful that they show on a daily basis. “I hope one day to find the right one and have daughters as loved and desired as the ones they have. What a beautiful home, Male”, as indicated by a netizen on Instagram.

“With that daddy I was left with this life and the other”; “What a cute and mature couple,” and “Even though they’ve been together for so long, it doesn’t seem like the love has diminished one bit. that’s just beautiful”, wrote other followers of the couple, remarkably excited and ‘craving’ to have such a stable, long-lasting and cool like that of Maleja and Tatán.

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Maleja Restrepo reveals that her face was twisted, what happened?