‘MacGruber’: the legend returns in a prodigious new series with more laughs per minute than ever

It’s been a little over ten years, but ‘MacGruber‘is still the pinnacle of 21st century humor. Since then no one has ever tried so hard to make us laugh to tears … until now. Because Jorma Taccone, John Solomon, Will Forte and their co-stars are back. And they have done it with all the hallmarks of the great character arisen from ‘Saturday Night Live‘.

The hero is on the loose

Time has passed for everyone, there is no doubt. Because the ‘MacGruber’ series starts with a musical summary by Maya Rudolph, the actress who played the short-lived deceased wife of the protagonist. In her just over two minutes, the off-road actress reminds us of everything that happened a decade ago for refresh rusty memories, something unnecessary for those who have seen the movie as many times as years have passed since its premiere but that does not hurt the new casual or accidental viewer.

That little film that grew out of much smaller and humble roots created an immediate cult. With each new viewing, there was a jewel that had gone unnoticed amidst so many laughs, making ‘MacGruber’ a real comic weapon of mass destruction. Some as Powers Boothe, They are no longer among us, but their spirit remains, although now the older ones can endure laughter a little better in front of such an individual. And that’s because Peacock’s new series on ‘MacGruber’ It couldn’t be more faithful to the character. For this he even resorts to the pubic hair of his first and unforgettable sketch in the Lorne Michaels show, of course, producer of the series.

Good old Colonel Faith is now replaced by General Barrett Fasoose, played by Laurence Fishburne, and the villain of the film, Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) now gives way to Enos Queeth, played by a Billy Zane who knows how to have fun like no one at these parties. The rest of the team, the expected Kristen Wiig Y Ryan Phillippe and the promising addition of Sam Elliott as Perry, a character who at the end of the first episode leaves the first “surprise” of a season that is presumed anthological.

Macgruber Critica

And is that the first appearance of the old Mac could not be more personal. If already in the 2010 movie the first thing we heard was a Hispanic boy screaming “chúpamela MacGruber‘, the presentation of the character in his maturity behind bars lives up to his legacy: the laugh is assured with every phrase, every gesture, every action. This legend has pampered himself so much during all these years that there are hardly any moments of transition. What’s more, they have loaded an unbalanced emotional charge to a character more psychopathic than ever.

The character’s old tricks, his knowledge of deadly combat techniques, evasion and, above all, of making staff uncomfortable (something that Taccone, Solomon and Forte have made it clear they will not skimp on), remain intact, provoking the most hilarious situations of the season As much as fans have been waiting for them for a decade. And that contagious grotesque laugh where only chaos and absurdity reign magnify episode after episode.

Ryan Phillippe Will Forte Kristin Wiig Magruber

Freer, crazier, with more tiger roars in the sound design, more songs by Vicki St. Elmo, wild and completely gore, the ‘MacGruber’ series has arrived in time to top the lists of the best and funniest of the year from its very head. Enjoyable as a long sequel or dosing its episodes a bit (if anyone is capable of doing that), the series once again confirms Will Forte as the funniest living being on the planet.

Peacock’s ‘MacGruber’ breakthrough is a fantastic reason not to succumb in the face of the bad global panorama that is presented again in the face of Christmas. You know, protect each other, take care of each other and enjoy. Especially with ‘MacGruber’.

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‘MacGruber’: the legend returns in a prodigious new series with more laughs per minute than ever