Luxury homes and jewelry: the couple who framed $ 18 million in aid programs for covid-19 escapes

The Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI, for its acronym in English), look for the couple formed by Richard Ayvazyan and his wife Marietta Terabelian, accused of fraud for $ 18 million to covid-19 relief programs, who fled from the town of Encino, in the San Fernando Valley.

The FBI estimates that the couple fled Sunday night. That is why he asks for the support of the population to provide information that can find his whereabouts and asks that any data that he wants to provide be made to the phone 3104776565.

Ayvazyan, 43, and Terabelian, 37, are charged with fraud for more than $ 18 million to the detriment of government aid programs for covid-19.

Although the couple had the complicity of two relatives and four other people.

Ayvazyan and Terabelian broke the electronic shackle

The couple managed to break the electronic shackle with which they were monitored by the authorities, so the FBI he undertook a search for the residents of Tarzana.

According to authorities, the couple filed a series of fraudulent applications last year to obtain benefits from the Paycheck Protection (PPP) and Economic Disaster Damage Loans (EIDL) program, for which they obtained more than $ 18 million of dollars.

To apply in government programs, its modus operandi was the creation of shell companiess, although in some cases they did use real company names.

The shell companies were created with stolen identities, and the couple submitted false statements.

In addition, they also presented false payrolls in the applications to be able to apply in the rescue programs.

According to official reports, the couple began submitting requests to the covid-19 relief programs a few days after they were announced by the government of the presidente Joe Biden.

They bought luxury houses, jewels and gold coins

And by August 2020, the couple, along with other close relatives, had already entered more than 150 loans.

The authorities estimate that the resources obtained by the couple exceed $ 18 million dollars.

With the resources obtained they were able to compare luxury houses, one of them, from which they fled in Tarzana, valued at more than $ 3.2 million.

But not only that, Ayvazyan and Terabelian bought diamonds, watches and other jewelry, as well as a luxurious Rolex watch.

The couple was arrested in October 2020

The couple was arrested in October 2020 when they returned from a vacation in the Caribbean.

Last June they were found guilty, along with two relatives, and it was scheduled that they would be sentenced on October 4.

Four other related individuals pleaded guilty prior to trial.

Ayvazyan and Terabelian are charged with conspiracy for bank fraud, money laundering and related crimes.

Remember if you have information about the fugitives that you can call the FBI, at: 3104776565


Article: Soure