Lucía Rodríguez said goodbye to “Informal Breakfasts”: “My children need me”

Friday was a day full of emotion on the second morning of Informal breakfasts, given that Lucía Rodríguez said goodbye to the program, at least temporarily.

The actress, who this year was permanently integrated into the cycle that Victoria Zangaro and Coco Echagüe lead, decided to move away until March, according to what was said, to gain time with her children and to be able to rest.

It is that in addition to its theatrical vein, it is in the female cast of the comedy program Blame it on Columbus, and also host the entertainment show Deal done: families edition, all on Channel 12.

That is why he will take “a pause,” said Echagüe, who according to Rodríguez “flies by.” He also clarified that until he is reinstated, he will visit the apartment on some occasion, for example at parties.

“I’m going to my house to sleep a while more and to be with my children,” said the communicator about the reasons that led her to make this decision. That was before his colleagues presented him with a compilation video of the time he has been in Informal breakfasts, where he arrived temporarily and after some participations, he ended up staying.

After the exhibition, Rodríguez was moved to tears, and said: “Thank you for the opportunity. I know that work is not despised, but I am deeply tired, my children need me and I need to rest a little bit. But it is a pause and I will always love them, because I really appreciate the opportunity they gave me. “

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Lucía Rodríguez said goodbye to “Informal Breakfasts”: “My children need me”