Lucía Rodríguez and Germán Medina advance the premiere of “Deal Made: Family Edition”

In 2019 it came to La Tele Done deal, an entertainment program started by Sebastián “El Loco” Abreu. He also had a version “Famosos” by Maxi de la Cruz. Today at 9:15 p.m., the format returns but with variations.

The most notorious is already reported in the title: Family Edition. Thus, the program stops telling the life stories of the participants as in previous versions, to add more entertainment and humor.

And, of course, now they are families trying to take the million pesos that is hidden among the 26 suitcases of the game. And along with the cash prize, in each program you can win a zero kilometer car. When the game is over, the briefcase chosen by the participant is opened and if the number matches the one on the golden briefcase, they win the car. That keeps the tension going until the end, as the car is always at stake.

But the great differential that this edition has is humor, and hence, surely, the choice of the drivers: Lucia Rodriguez and German Medina. After a well-known career as comedians and a life as a couple (they separated last year), they make television together for the first time. They are both members of Blame it on Columbus, although obviously in different versions.

Germán Medina in
Germán Medina in “Deal Made: families edition”. Photo: Marcelo Bonjour

El País was in the recording of the first program, where other novelties could also be seen such as a greater interaction between the drivers with the team of boys who have the briefcases, among which there are models, dancers, comedians and even magicians who will make them challenge the hosts.

“Lucia is a goddess. The timing of the show, the humor and the scene is enviable, ”says producer Alejandra Borques. “It has the things that our carnival teaches: think of the audience that is watching, dances, sings, listens to the participant and laughs at itself, which is essential to make humor today.”

Lucia Rodriguez
Lucía Rodríguez in “La cupla es de Colón”. Photo: Marcelo Bonjour

Regarding the role of Medina, he will be the intermediary between the “The Treasurer”, that is, the one who administers the offers.

Although it is a new version, there is a team behind the scenes that already knows how to do things, since they are the same ones who have been in charge of formats such as Holy fire, The wheel of luck and all the channel’s entertainment programs.

El feedback

Lucía Rodríguez and Germán Medina drive
Lucía Rodríguez and Germán Medina host “Deal Made: Family Edition”. Photo: Marcelo Bonjour

After the recording of the first program, and before the talk with El País began, Rodríguez and Medina made comments about their roles, and they told each other what they liked, what they want to improve and what has to be maintained. It is an exercise that they do together with production.

Rodríguez, who claims to be half kamikaze, could not imagine hosting a show like Trato Hecho.

“When they called me to tell me about the idea, I told them: ‘you are all crazy’, because it is a big bet. We are new to television and we don’t have that much experience, “he said. He also accepted because of the trust they gave him in the channel: “That they trust us to carry out a program like this, it excites me,” added the also member of the second morning of Informal Desayunos.

Medina says it would not be the same dynamic with another.

“We work many times together and in many places, and after so many years working, finding you in a set like this and in a program of this caliber, I did not imagine it. When Lu came out, I was moved, ”Medina said.

From said to fact.

“I have to be aware that I am living my dream, really. I dreamed about it a lot all my life, and many people tell you that you will not be able to and that you study something else, “said Rodríguez. He became a marketing analyst but it was a career that did not interest him. Therefore, her current work makes her feel privileged.

“Art in this country is very difficult to do, and my fellow artists mostly have other jobs to live on,” Rodríguez said. “That is why I want to be aware of what is happening to us, because it is what I dreamed of since I was little. I used to imitate Xuxa in front of the mirror because I wanted to be an artist ”.

Germán Medina. Photo: Teledoce / Marcelo Campi.
Germán Medina. Photo: Teledoce / Marcelo Campi.

When Rodríguez and Medina met, she worked in a call center, and suffered every morning that she had to work.

“I felt that I wanted to do something else, my life was not what I wanted. I took the 199 and one day Germán told me: ‘go away’. What’s the worst that can happen to you, going back to the same job? It is work, working dignifies and it is a salary, but go away ”. She listened to him and together they became one of the best known pairs of local humor.

“Has your goal always been to work on television?”

Rodriguez: Being on television is a personal achievement, as it can be a goal in your work, receiving whatever you want, or getting married. My personal goal was to live on what I love; and seeing it fulfilled is a dream.

Medina: Seeing that image and imagining a result of this caliber is very crazy and exciting. Being able to live on what you love is an enormous privilege, in any country, and it is a reason to keep your feet on the ground. Also the message is try to chase your dreams.

Lucia Rodríguez. Photo: Diffusion
Lucia Rodríguez. Photo: Diffusion

“What is it like to work together, despite not being a couple anymore?”

Medina: Is the same. We are two people with their problems and virtues who try to do what they want, and we are a family.

Rodriguez: We are going to be family all our lives. We help each other and we will always be united by a child who is the most important thing we have.

And it demands a lot.

Rodriguez: That’s why we work so hard, actually, to get away.

Article: Soure