July 4, 2021

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Lucero: these are the measures she will take to avoid being captured with Mijares in the program ” The challenger ”

Lucero these are the measures she will take to avoid

The relationship of it is popular for staying on good terms despite its breakup more than ten years ago. The ex-spouses take advantage of the cameras to show their followers that affection still prevails between them; however, there is a rumor that they would not wish to be captured together on the show. ”’’.

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The next reality show from Televisa, produced by Ruben Galindo, will have as a jury the great Mexican singers, Lucero and . Although there is great expectation for its premiere, a parallel theme has attracted the attention of the public in recent days.

According to the journalist Joel O’Farrilli in the broadcast of the radio program ”Formula”, the “Bride of America” and her ex-husband would have asked not to be captured by any means, including those of the television house, during their arrival and stay on the set of ”The Challenger”.

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This news surprised the Mexican public, as the couple is usually very united in their social media. And as if the aforementioned were not enough, there are other demands that perplexed more than one.


At the request of the judges, the production of ”The Challenger” authorized artists to enter Televisa without having to leave their vehicles in the parking lot, that is, both will arrive in their respective cars up to a few meters from the entrance of the set and dressing rooms.

“They don’t go to the parking lot like any artist and they have to walk the hallways. Nerd. They directly to the door, a few meters from their dressing room like Galilea Montijo does, like Verónica Castro or Silvia Pinal did.”, He recounted O’Farrilli.

According to the journalist, there are restrictions for those who do not belong to the production, as well as for the press of Televisa. Although these demands would come from the two artists, it is said that the interpreter of ”The privilege of loving” he would be the most interested in their being fulfilled to the letter.


After 14 years of marriage and one of courtship, the Mexican singers ended their marriage in March 2011. And although there was talk of infidelities, it took nine years for the same Mijares reveal what really caused their separation.

According to the musician, the busy schedule of both was a great trigger. They rarely agreed on schedules, as the work had them immersed in recording studios or touring the world. Fortunately, even separated they kept the affection present and are even neighbors; This gave a lot of peace to their children, who are now 20 and 16 years old.


Product of the couple’s marriage in the College of the Biscaynes, on Mexico, they were born José Manuel and Lucero Mijares Hogaza. The first-born of the artists was born in 2001 and four years later, in 2005, his only daughter arrived. Although little is known of the personal lives of the now young, Lucero mijares He has repeatedly shown that he inherited his parents’ vocal talents.