“Lover” by Jorge Salinas talks about his relationship with the actor

Since last January 17, Jorge Salinas He is in the eye of the hurricane after some photographs of him were released with a woman who is not his wife, Elizabeth Alvarez.

The photographs published by a magazine with national circulation have given much to talk about, since the same magazine affirms that Salinas is having an extramarital relationship with his nutritionist.

as we told you in The Truth News, So far Elizabeth Álvarez, the actor’s wife, has not made any statements, although Internet users have already have expressed their support.

Jorge Salinas’s lover shows his face

After the reappearance of Salinas’s wife on social networks, the nutritionist; and the woman with whom he is romantically linked, Anna PAula, has come out to explain.

The doctor Anna Paula spoke in an interview for the Sit who can program, a space where she assured that there is a relationship with Salinas, but that this is strictly professional between doctor and patient.

“The relationship that I have had with Jorge (Salinas) has been completely professional, he sometimes does not have time to go to the office for his medications, personally I have been the one who delivers them outside the facilities, unfortunately there have not been more, sometimes they they make misunderstandings”, affirms the health professional.

About the photographs that circulate where they apparently kiss each other on the mouth, the nutritionist affirmed that these were taken at the end of last year when the famous mexican actor It was to get his last medicine delivered.

“That was at the end of last year, when I gave him the last medicine and we were just saying goodbye in a cordial way”

In addition, he stated that he has decided to speak up and show his face to clarify things both for the good of Jorge Salinas and his own, since the relationship that exists is only professional.

According to Anna Paula herself, Jorge Salinas has been very happy since she took care of her, since she has also had good control of her glucose.

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Who is the wife of Jorge Salinas?

Who is the wife of Jorge Salinas?

Who is the wife of Jorge Salinas?

The scandal has affected the couple of Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Álvarez, who married in 2011, Elizabeth is a great film, theater and television actress and we have been able to see her in some productions such as Sortilegio, Fuego en la sangre, La fea más bella, Against Wind and Tide or more recently in La Herencia

Currently, she is 46 and is still active, although she did not want to comment on her husband’s controversy, she has still received support from her fans.

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“Lover” by Jorge Salinas talks about his relationship with the actor