Loret insists that he did not know about the montage; an ex-partner maintains that yes

On December 9, 2005, the news program “Primero Noticias”, then directed by Carlos Loret de Mola, made a large display to show “live” the capture of a gang of alleged kidnappers and the release of their victims. Later it became known that it was a montage.

Mexico City, July 12 (However) .- The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola insisted today in a video in which he never knew about the montage about the arrest of Florence Cassez and Israel Vallarta Cisneros, while his former co-worker, Juan Manuel Magana – Former information coordinator for the newscast “Primero Noticias” -, kept up in the version that he did know and that he even asked to relive a scene that, in theory, took place live and in flagrante delicto.

Loret, Magaña, Laura Barranco –who was also on Primero Noticias– and Israel Vallarta appeared today before a Judge. The first was as a witness and in that condition participated in the confrontation. In a later video, Loret de Mola said that the montage has been used for years by Andrés Manuel López Obrador to attack him.

“I want to share with you that today is a very important day for me. For years I have been accused of the Cassez montage. Today I appeared again on the Cassez-Vallarta case. I had a confrontation with my two main accusers, two former co-workers who have made the attack on me a modus vivendi. What did they say? One, Laura Barranco, accepted in front of the judge who did not alert me to the alleged montage, thus verbatim. The other, Juan Manuel Magaña, who was head of information and stayed in that position for years, accepted in front of the judge that he did not know there was a setup, ”Loret said in the video shared on his social networks.

“Although I am not accused of anything, but I appeared as a witness, when confronting both of them neither could prove what they had been saying: that I was an accomplice in the montage. I have already said it: it was a mistake not to realize it, like none of the other media that also broadcast that fact. I did not collude with authorities to make a montage, “said Loret.

“I do not accept that I am accused of having colluded with the authorities to make a montage, because that has been the version that the President of the Republic has encouraged about something that happened 16 years ago. And he has not been shy about using the power of the state to encourage this lie. And he has had useful instruments, such as the media that live it washing López Obrador’s face: Carmen Aristegui, Julio ‘Astillero’, La Octava, the youtubers, others, who have encouraged this lie, and here we go to the bottom of the matter: The President and his people have wanted to show cruelty, they have wanted to take revenge, because in the journalistic spaces under my charge we have made known the video scandals of their brothers, Pío and Martinazo; the contracts of his cousin Felipa; the Bartlett houses; Irma Eréndira’s houses. For them, the Cassez case is a weapon to try to discredit these truths and change the conversation, to lay down smoke screens so as not to see reality, “said Loret de Mola.


In the confrontation this morning between Carlos Loret de Mola and other protagonists of the case of the television montage of the arrest of Israel Vallarta Cisneros and Florence Cassez, Loret de Mola was “exhausted and in a corner”, like a boxer, said Juan Manuel Magaña .

They confronted us, revealed in an interview with Julio Hernández, “Astillero”, and he tried to blame me for responsibility, but I insisted that there was no possibility that he was not aware of it, because even before he started broadcasting on the screen, Loret saw a scene and he said: “that’s cool”, do it again to start.

Vallarta, he said, described Loret de Mola’s behavior during the confrontation. He made faces, grimaces, but it didn’t look good on the screen, Magaña said. Loret was accompanied by his lawyer, something that Israel, in advance, requested that he not do.

What remains, he stated, is a critical mass in which a decision has to be made. But this, he added, will depend on whether or not he gives Israel Vallarta freedom.

“I hope that this ruling is given, and also deserves it, if he is innocent. But I think he deserves that, after 15 years in jail, “he said.

Israel had a lot of power in the hearing on Monday, he raised the terms and requests to the judge, Magaña described. He is already well done on this matter. And the sentence and the ruling will probably come, he considered.

Leopoldo Gómez, Televisa’s vice president of newscasts, was not mentioned for possible confrontations, because there are no testimonies to implicate him, what there are are assumptions about his participation in the montage, he commented.

Although “the corruptor of Loret was Leopoldo,” said Magaña, who worked directly. Decisions were executed by Leopoldo and ordered by Bernardo [Bernardo Gómez Martínez, vicepresidente de Grupo Televisa]he insisted.

Florence Cassez. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

On December 9, 2005, the newscast “Primero Noticias”, hosted by Carlos Loret de Mola, made a large display to show “live” the capture of the gang of alleged kidnappers and the release of their victims. Later it became known that it was a montage orchestrated by the defunct Federal Investigation Agency (AFI), in charge of Genaro García Luna, with the participation of Televisa, which broadcast the media show for thousands of Mexicans.

In the montage, Florence Cassez and her sentimental partner Israel Vallarta were arrested as members of the Los Zodiaco kidnapper gang.

Cassez, who arrived in Mexico in 2003, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the crime of kidnapping and released in January 2013 after serving seven years in prison. The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation considered that the simulation of her capture contaminated the legal process to the point of vitiating it from origin, which was enough to free the French woman for the violations of her human rights, despite It has not yet been determined whether or not he was guilty of the crime with which he was accused.

More than 15 years after the fact, Florence Cassez is still free and with a legal process against those who orchestrated the assembly. Meanwhile, Israel Vallarta remains in prison, Carlos Loret de Mola off the screens of Televisa, and Genaro García Luna is imprisoned in the United States accused of giving protection to the Sinaloa Cartel.


In December 2019, the journalist Laura Barranco, who worked with Loret de Mola from 2000 to 2006, narrated that the responsibility of the assembly was not only of the journalists who participated, such as Carlos Loret de Mola (host of “Primero Noticias”), Pablo Reinah (reporter) and Azucena Pimentel (producer), also from Televisa.

“The responsibility for the montage belonged to the journalists who participated and to Televisa, and not only in this case but for a whole series of montages such as the 2006 fraud, plotted and orchestrated by Televisa. There must be a social sanction, “said Barranco, who was the information coordinator at” Primero Noticias. “

For Barranco, Televisa must make correct use of the concession granted by the Mexican State and must answer for the deception of thousands of Mexicans who closely followed the arrest of the alleged kidnappers.

“You just have to see the terms in which a concession is given to a group of businessmen, it is a concession of the radioelectric spectrum and where the State is the owner. They (companies) must answer for the use they make of the spectrum and the misuse as well and there must be specific sanctions ”, he considered then.