June 11, 2021

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Lorenzo Méndez feels “against the wall” when commenting on the problems between Juan and Lupillo Rivera

ready, I’ll let you know.and he starts talking, and everything comes out.Everything comes out, bro.Carlos: they have a young manvery annoying.details of anger and whatcould happen, daniel, we arespeaking how are there families,and this is one of them, thatit seems that the dynamics ofinteraction always returns tothe aggression, the lawsuit, the[risas]Daniel: I didn’t understand much about theproblem, but you had toclarify the problem, totackle it.then put it on the tabletake care of solving it.not always throw so much firewoodto the fire.without a doubt there are people whothey need the conflict tofeel alive, and I haven’tfound the way to live inof course, because if you tear them offthe conflict no longer knowwhat are they, many times, noI’m saying this is the onecase.how unfortunate, because brotherone never ceases to be.the family, even though it mayto be cruel, one always tendedto find a way to loveto his brothers andreconcile with your peopleclose.Carlos: and especially onefamily so public, soknown all, and it is not thefirst time they fight Juanand lupillo, this comes from yearseven, it is not if you rememberas lorenzo, it was in 2015when they were harassed by robberies andeverything else.first they stopped workingtogether, and Juan has said a lotthat he helped, and thathe practically gave him songsto lupillo, what lupillo of someway has not recognized it.in the world of music thatso serious is it that you writea song, and that suddenlysomeone else starts itsing, and says it’s his,like the accusation that isdoing?great,.lorenzo: when you write oneCancón, what are you writing?you scoffed.I could hardly hear much theaudio.at the end of the day is afamily that I love very much.strong, they are all alphas, and inthat I stayed when I wasworking lupillo with Juan, andI said “what father, work withfamilies to work, lookhad a room of events in thepass, texas, and when he came out oftour can serve you,paé a mi paá.then when something happened,How do you tell your dad?[risas]Carlos: the song of“player”, I wrote it to mefor the rights of thecancón.It is one of those problems thatthe best i come from children.elyanélica: to highlight perhapsis the following, I see itfrom the outside, I don’t belong toshow world, I watch itas a bad example, somepeople who have this twofollowers, highly visible peoplethat is in this conflictfamily and sisterspermanently peopleunderstand that this is normal.families “, a saying thatwe listen a lot.when we are in a showcasewe must lead by example,then be in the world ofa conflict or all the timetrying to conflict andexpose all this to tryto expose and then askPrivacy.It is not logical, it is notnormal, people should understandthat this should not happen, and yesthere is something to fix in thissense, they should do it inprivate.in short, if you doto be arranged by the court,The same is for the private sector.Carlos: no, why don’t they do it?a chat of the rivera family andthey solve everything in the chat.lorezo: let them get you to acquirethe collaborator chat, fromreferee.carlos: belinda’s tattoocould be detonated so that itssister said “I don’t work anymorewith you”.[risas]all that is being said, aí