Lolita Ayala witnessed the moment her mother killed her father

the journalist Lolita Ayalawho made his first appearances on television together with the late Jacobo Zabludovsky in the well-remembered newscast ’24 hours’, He has been away from the small screen and the spotlight for several years, but he is still very present in the memory of Mexicans thanks to his career of more than five decades.

Lolita recently made headlines after communicator Maxine Woodside revealed that his health had deteriorated due to the constant falls he has suffered in recent years and his slow recovery after undergoing surgery, to the point that now they force her to use a cane and an oxygen tank daily.

The information about her physical problems has achieved just what Lolita has avoided for years: that the media attention is fixed on her again.

Different media have recalled the tragic story of the journalist, who He lived a very hard childhood in which he witnessed one of the moments that most marked his life.

In 2015, Lolita Ayala told TV Notas magazine that When she was just a 10-year-old girl, she witnessed the moment her mother pulled a gun on her father in a violent outburst of jealousy..

According to the Mexican publication, Lolita’s mother shot and killed her husband Rodolfo Ayala Gonzálezwho was a surgeon, professor at the Academy of Medicine and founder of the first blood bank in Mexico.

Lolita told the magazine that this traumatic event had no major repercussions on her mental health, but As a child, it had a profound impact on her..

“Fortunately, I was able to come out of it unscathed, emotionally, I mean. Yes it hurt me, since you have no idea, it was certainly a tragedy“, Said the 70-year-old journalist, who at ten lost her father.

After the magazine published the event that marked her life, Lolita turned to her Twitter account to express her discontent with her colleagues and He assured that his statements were taken out of context.

“About the publication of a tabloid note on TVNotas about my family history, I regret the lack of truth and professionalism,” the communicator wrote in a first tweet.

“The interview was requested on behalf of another medium, which is an ambush and a deception”continued in another message.

The journalist, who is also known for her support of philanthropic causes with her foundation ‘Solo por Ayuda’, criticized the way her colleagues acted: “Reporter Laura Luz Palmer put together a story out of context and with the support of her director created a cover scandal.”

He also disapproved that the publication “stained” journalistic work by using scandalous headlines: “It is unfortunate that With the desire to sell, this magazine shows falsehood and cloud the work of professional reporters.”

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Lolita Ayala witnessed the moment her mother killed her father