June 9, 2021

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‘Loki’ and the story of DB Cooper, the mystery cited in the Marvel series

1623267944 Loki and the story of DB Cooper the mystery cited

During the first chapter from Loki, the New serie from Disney Plus about the iconic villain of the Cinematographic Universe from Marvel, reference was made to a real-life case. It is about what happened with DB Cooper who, as shown in the production, hijacked a plane, jumped out of it and escaped from the FBI.

This is one of the most important security mysteries in contemporary history. What happened? How did a person hijack a plane and escape without leaving a trace, prompting an investigation that lasted more than 40 years? On Loki, of course, the approach does not lack humor.

That event marked part of the history of the United States. The legend of DB Cooper, as evidence was found but nothing conclusive was achieved, spread to the point that a journalist from The Washington Post referred it como Robin Hood.

What happened?

As they explain in Loki, it all happened on Northwest Airlines flight 305. During the afternoon of November 24, 1971, DB Cooper bought a plane ticket to travel from Portland to Seattle, from the state of Oregon to Washington. According to investigations, this person paid in cash and waited until he was called to board.

When DB Cooper was seated in his corresponding seat, he asked the hostess for a bourbon and soda, as he also recreates Loki in its first chapter. Right after ordering the drink, he handed a note to the girl on the plane. Immediately afterwards, DB Cooper indicated that he had a bomb and proceeded to show the flight attendant a small piece of luggage, where you could see an object with cables, a watch and what, apparently, was an explosive mechanism.