Lluís Llongueras has died at the age of 87

  • Lluís Llongueras was born on May 24, 1936 in the Barcelona town of Esparraguera.

  • Llongueras not only stood out in the world of hairdressing, but also as a sculptor, photographer, writer and painter

  • In 1972 he opened the first unisex hairdressing salon in Spain.

This Monday, May 29, at 87 years of ageLluís Llongueras has passed awayrenowned Catalan hairdresser considered by many as The best of all time born in Spain. Born on April 6, 1936 in Barcelona, ​​he was a international benchmark in the field of hairdressing and styling. His passion for hair art led him to become an iconic and respected figure, recognized both in his home country and globally.

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Lluís Llongueras has died at the age of 87