Lis Vega is walking perfection, her beauty among the rainbow

Since her beginnings on Mexican television, the beautiful dancer and singer Lisa Vega It is characterized by having a close relationship with its fans, making them part of its day-to-day life through Instagram stories and posts. On this occasion, she decided to share a beautiful photograph in which she wore the brightest color of the rainbow.

In addition to the search for closeness with her community, the Cuban has also proposed to make it grow to form a huge family on the platforms of entertainment May you delight in your new projects and enrich your life. To achieve this, a stage has begun in which its main objective is to expand.

During the morning of Wednesday June 22 Lisa Vega He published two images on his verified Instagram account in which he showed off what his look would be to participate in ‘Las Estrellas bailan en Hoy’, showing that at the age of 44 he retains an impressive silhouette, the product of work and effort.

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The design of the exquisite dress was in charge of Bernard Javier Moreno, who has done an excellent job with the details of the garment. It is a complete work of art in red, which degrades as the center is approached and was made by joining threads on a pink mesh.

Lisa Vega It is the one to wear it, because with its curves it makes the dress fall naturally, as if it were colored in pencil. Being faithful to the daring and flirtatious style that the actress wears in all of her outfits, her outfit has a diamond-shaped hole at the height of the abdominals, freeing up an unexpected skin space.

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Lis Vega is walking perfection, her beauty among the rainbow. Source: Instagram

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Unlike what she normally wears, the Cuban opted for a more dramatic makeup in the bright tones of the rainbow, letting the blue take over her temples, giving way to depth in the eye socket and yellow in the tear, interspersing details in green and red to finish off the color palette.

The accessories consisted of red fishnet stockings and a rainbow headband, continuing with the theme of the month of June.

Without losing your good habits, Lisa Vega He wrote his reflection of the day at the bottom of the photos, talking about the importance of dedicating our lives to what we are passionate about and how in this way we will be happy every day of work.

When you do what you are passionate about, you never lose, you never give up, you always want more, each hate,” he began writing.

“One day at a time, do not allow negative words and actions towards you to affect your LIFE, your purposes, your dreams, do not give that power to anything or anyone, just be grateful and transmute all that negative energy into love, everything is in your mind. FOLLOWING THE BEATS OF MY HEART” wrote the beautiful Cuban Lisa Vega.

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Lis Vega is walking perfection, her beauty among the rainbow