Libertad, the actress away from TV who reappeared to deny an accusation of kidnapping

Jacqueline Arizmendi, also known as Libertad, came out to deny the man who accused her of kidnapping and gave her version of events. (YouTube video capture)

The accusations of a man against Jacqueline Arizmendi, also known as Libertad, have made the reappearance of the transgender actress who had fame on television but long ago decided to move away from the spotlight and keep a low profile.

Libertad began his career in the 1980s, but under the name and gender with which he was born, Armando Palomo, with outstanding performances on television as the villain in telenovelas such as wild Rose with Veronica Castro, Jane Iris with Victoria Ruffoeither the dreamy rogue next to Mariana Levy.

But his destiny changed in the early 2000s, once he agreed to be part of the cast of Adventuress of the producer Carmen Salinas, to play ‘Bugambilia’, a transvestite who helps a pimp to prostitute naive women. The role gave her the opportunity to discover herself as a non-binary person. “I know who I was before, I am proud of what I did in a previous life, this is not something that has been painful, I am happy to be Libertad and my other life as Palomo,” he said in an interview when the trans actress adopted your new identity.

The artistic medium respected his decision and began to refer to Libertad, which was the first name he chose in his transition, but had not yet made it official before the Mexican authorities.

In April 2004, Palomo was arrested and imprisoned for the alleged falsification of his voting card, in which he identified himself as Jacqueline Aristegui Suárez., and was taken by order of a capital judge to the Oriente Women’s Preventive Prison in Mexico City. After paying a fine, he was released.

The setback, however, did not affect his work life and he obtained some roles on Televisa with his new identity, but on TV Azteca, where he starred in the series The Sanchezes next to Luis Felipe Tovar, with whom he had worked in Adventuress, got more exposure.

That was the last time he appeared on television, and he also disappeared from other scenes.

Away from the public eye Jacqueline Arizmendi was recently accused of alleged complicity in the kidnapping of a young woman in the vicinity of your home.

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It all started when this last weekend of August, a person named Jesús Sánchez accused the trans actress on her social networks of allegedly being an accomplice in the kidnapping of a woman when she was under the alleged influence of some drug.

“When I arrive (at my house) there is a patrol car turned in reverse and a lot of people there, I said ‘what happened?’ what?’, I was terribly scared, imagine the impression!, because my mother is 85 years old, “said the actress for the program windowing.

Once he understood that it was not his mother, but that they were asking him about the relationship with a woman who was on top of a fence and who was supposedly trying to commit suicide, he began to see the seriousness of the case.

“The girl gets out, and you would have seen the girl’s expression, and with a heartbreaking cry ‘please help me, these people want to kidnap me, this one and this one groped me, that one wanted to rape me’. He runs to me, and I hugs, ‘please, I beg you, don’t let them take me! They want to disappear me. I say ‘who?, but here is the police’, (he tells me) ‘they too'”.

The young woman, Arizmendi said, pointed out some men of attempted rape and asked for help to take her to a public ministry to file a complaint. In solidarity, she wanted to accompany her but the authorities refused. “When she heard that, she turned around, pushed me, got into the car (the patrol car), locked herself in, put the locks on it and there was no way to get her out for 6 hours.”

Only until the arrival of the young woman’s mother, the situation was moderately resolved. Libertad retired and no longer knew what happened to the girl, but Juan Sánchez’s transmission, as the actress said, had defamed her without foundation.

“If something happens to me, I say so, I hold Jesús Sánchez responsible, for that man, I think he is not going to stay here, you are going to end up where you deserve, behind bars, you are reviling me, you are exhibiting me, You are incriminating me. I am going to proceed against this guy, you have to cut that little program, “he said.

The last time Jacqueline Arizmendi appeared before the media was in December 2021, when she attended the funeral of actress Carmen Salinas, where she thanked her again for the role of ‘Bugambilia’, and which allowed her her own gender freedom.


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Libertad, the actress away from TV who reappeared to deny an accusation of kidnapping