LG presents its new 97-inch and 42-inch OLED TVs, webOS 22 and new interactive applications

The CES 2022 It is about to start, but some companies have presented part of their novelties for this year in advance. Samsung has unveiled earlier this week its Neo QLED and MicroLED televisions. Now it is the turn of LG, which has unveiled its new Smart TVs with OLED display panels.

The South Korean company has also taken the opportunity to publicize the new version of its operating system for smart TVs. webOS will jump nonstop from version 6.0 to version 22. This will arrive with the function of personal profiles, content recommendations and new interactive applications.

New sizes of OLED televisions and bet on QNED MiniLed

The G2 series, characterized by its flush-to-the-wall gallery designs, debuts the “World’s first 97-inch OLED model“and complements the 55, 65 and 77-inch sizes already on the market.

For its part, the C2 series, which has slim bezels and a wide variety of screen sizes, incorporates “the world’s first 42-inch OLED TV “ and it also offers the 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 inch sizes.

LG has also announced that will expand its line of QNED MiniLed televisions with Quantum Dot NanoCell technology. The manufacturer claims that it offers richer colors and more accurate blacks thanks to its dimming technology.

This proposal may be interesting for those who prefer a panel with less risk of burns. However, it should be noted that not all QNED 2022 models will use MiniLed technology.

Lg You are 2

LG says that Most of your new TVs will arrive with α9 Gen5 processors that will allow them to show better images thanks to artificial intelligence. Brightness Booster, meanwhile, will allow the G2 series models to achieve a higher brightness.

In terms of ‘gaming’, the company ensures that OLED models will support “multiple functions” of HDMI 2.1 “for fans of console and PC games”, clarification that is valid before the arrival of HDMI 2.1a and possible confusion about the functions of the standard.

They will also have built-in compatibility with cloud gaming platforms. NVIDIA GeForce NOW Y Google Stadia. Players with a subscription just need to plug in a compatible controller and start playing.

Say hello to webOS 22

The operating system for Smart TVs scales up to version 22 and comes with a wide range of functions. The most prominent is the possibility of create personal profiles, an option that lovers of personalization will appreciate if they have to share their television with other people.

In this way, each profile will be able to configure their favorite streaming platforms and get personalized recommendations based on your viewing history. You can also receive alerts about sporting events.

Users will be able to log in from the TV itself or via smartphone with the NFC Magic Tap app. This app can also be used to mirror mobile device content on screen or from another TV in the house.

LG and its interactive experience

In addition to the aforementioned operating system functions, LG TV owners, depending on their geographical location, will be able to access a number of additional services. They are mentioned below:

LIVENow– Offers live concerts, shows, sports, and more.

1M HomeDance– An application to learn to dance and have fun dancing with K-Pop choreography.

LG Fitness: the first platform of the company to offer a wide range of trainings.

Independent: a telecare service that will allow you to remotely care for or help family members through video calls.

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LG presents its new 97-inch and 42-inch OLED TVs, webOS 22 and new interactive applications