July 5, 2021

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Leonidas Iza does not rule out going to court for “stigmatizing” expressions in the television program “La Posta” | Politics | News

Leonidas Iza does not rule out going to court for

One of the presenters, Luis Vivanco, acknowledged on Twitter that they “got out of hand.” The Cordicom would be preparing a statement on the event.

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie), Leonidas Iza Salazar, did not rule out going to the ordinary courts to report ‘stigmatizing’ actions that were broadcast on the program ‘La Posta XXX’, broadcast on the seized channel TC Television, Sunday, July 4.

“The only thing left for the media that feel threatened is to introduce gossip, speculation and stigmatization. In that sense, we are going to have to resort to a legal process, it cannot be that hatred is installed in the media, “Iza claimed, during an interview with virtual radio. The street this Monday, July 5.

The elections that elected Leonidas Iza as president of the Conaie left doubts in certain leaders

Then, on his Twitter account, he added: “It is reprehensible that they seek to hide behind the right to freedom of expression to express their hatred against those of us who have ideological firmness and seek to transform the country. We will take the pertinent actions in the face of this fact and a clear demonstration that self-regulation is not viable ”.

Last Sunday, the television network premiered the program ‘La Posta XXX’, in which they talked about the election of Iza as president of Conaie.

An acrostic was used in which adjectives were made to the indigenous leader, while darts were thrown at his image hanging on a wall.

Faced with Iza’s rejection, one of the creators of that program, Luis Vivanco, wrote on Twitter: “Did we get out of hand? Yes. Will we make corrections? Obvious. Do we apologize? Here they are. Hate and racism? Never. Government responsibility? None. Thanks for the criticism, even from friends ”.

And he justified: “From journalism we apologize for throwing darts at a photo, while they never apologized for bursting the head of a journalist with a stone, trying to set fire to a TV channel and kidnapping reporters in the agora. Paradoxes of life… no way ”.

The Conaie, also on his social media platforms, he questioned that through a seized channel “repudiable, violent, hateful and racist content is being launched against Leonidas Iza.”

And they criticized the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, for promoting self-regulation in its communication and freedom of expression bill that it sent to the National Assembly for debate and approval.

“For this Guillermo Lasso proposes self-regulation? This is a crime, not freedom of expression, ”noted the Confederation.

The National government has not commented on the subject, but it was known that the Communication and Information Development Council (Cordicom), chaired by Jeannine Cruz, is preparing a statement about it.

Meanwhile, an organization called Network of Free Journalists, of which Vivanco and Andersson Boscán would be part, presenters and directors of ‘La Posta’, rejected the management of the program.

Leonidas Iza will propose to PK to include in the legislative agenda the amnesty for 600 indigenous people prosecuted for the protests of October 2019

“Given the stigmatizing expressions of Luis Vivanco and Andersson Boscán against the president of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, the Network of Free Journalists rejects this behavior by our founding members and any excess or abuse.” (I)