Lee Jung-jae negotiates to charge a million dollars per episode of ‘The Squid Game 2’

‘The squid game’ is back in the news. The most successful Netflix series with the highest number of views is finalizing the details for its second season. After confirming the cast for the second batch of episodes and when the new episodes will start filming, we now have more information about what the series’ lead, Lee Jung-jae, would like to earn.

Jung-jae’s character is the center of the plot of the series, so his return is assured. Thus, the actor has decided to take a step forward and would have asked the platform to charge 1 million dollars per episodeas reported Dispatch, having up to thirteen chapters in its second season. This request would not be unreasonable given that, according to internal Netflix documents, the platform made profits that would add up to 900 million dollars with the broadcast of ‘The Squid Game’.

If the platform reaches an agreement, Jung-jae would be added to the list of the highest paid actors on television. Recently, Zendaya has become part of this list since she would have reached an agreement with HBO Max, where she will earn a million dollars per episode of ‘Euphoria’. Others who would have earned a million per episode would be the six protagonists of ‘Friends’ in its final season, Michael Keaton for ‘Dopesick: Story of an addiction’, Elisabeth Moss for the Apple series ‘The Shining Ones’, or Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren for ‘1923’.

The Netflix contracts

That the actor asks for this amount of money could mean a change when negotiating contracts in South Korea. Series creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk would not have seen much of the money the platform has made with ‘The Squid Game’. Dong-hyuk signed a contract stating that he would receive no residual payments for the rights to the series, only an initial payment. For which he would have charged the same if the series had not made much more modest numbers.

We see more and more products coming from the Asian country, although This is something that worries the workers since the working conditions to which they are subjected are disastrous. Netflix orders its productions from South Korean companies, and these are the ones that regulate working hours, ignoring the law on many occasions.

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Lee Jung-jae negotiates to charge a million dollars per episode of ‘The Squid Game 2’