Law & Order SVU: The intense criticism of the fans against Olivia Benson’s attitude

Fans are talking about Olivia Benson and contrary to what one might think, they are unfavorable reviews for the character played since 1999 by Mariska Hargitay.

Law & Order SVU it’s a network drama nbc which tells the story of the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit, who take on gruesome cases in every episode. The series has aired for 24 seasons and stars the stars Mariska Hargitaywho plays Olivia Benson and ice-twho plays Lieutenant Fin Tutuola.

Olivia Benson Has Changed For The Worse According To Law & Order SVU Fans

Recently a group of Las & Order SVU fans took to social media and expressed their feelings about Captain Olivia Benson’s current behavior, who in his opinion has changed, for the worse, since he took power in the Special Victims Unitleaving viewers with a terrible impression of his most recent stories.

Brilliantly portrayed by Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order SVU, Olivia Benson has grown up and been recognized for her passion for justice since the series’ first season. Although her methods sometimes seemed questionable, the great results of her research always made the gray areas worthwhile.

Until they didn’t. According to fans on Reddit, at this point in Law & Order SVU’s history, Olivia Benson has everything she ever dreamed of, and fans believe that has made her ten times worse than before. Because of that, what people often call character development, SVU fans are willing to call character regression.

According to Law & Order: SVU fans, Olivia Benson has become arrogant

As unfortunate as it is, it seems that Olivia Benson has lost all her charisma and charm on Law & Order SVU and all he’s apparently left with is an inordinate hunger for power and an intolerable arrogance, something that has caused some fans to abandon their love for the series.

There has been much speculation due to some recent plots, that the character of Olivia Benson could say goodbye to Law & Order SVU very soon, however this would end the long-running series, something that NBC apparently does not contemplate at this time.

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Law & Order SVU: The intense criticism of the fans against Olivia Benson’s attitude