Laura Bozzo’s ex sends a message to the talents of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’: “If they mess with her, they lose”

Direct and without mincing words like her, Christian Zuarez, ex Laura Bozzosends a message to the talents who will enter ‘The House of Celebrities 2’ with her: “If they mess with her, they lose”.

days after Laura Bozzo faces a new confinement, but this time not to comply or escape from the law, but to enter ‘The House of Celebrities 2’we find the Argentine singer and businessman at the inauguration of CMC, an exclusive boxing gym in Miami, where he promises to train every week, and there We spoke with him about the admission of Laura Bozzo, this coming May 10, to ‘La Casa de Los Famosos 2’, and not only did he set a time limit, but he even sends advice to the talents who will share the confinement with her.

How is your life, what are you doing?

Christian Zuarez: Living in Miami, happily married to Adriana Amiel, working, I have two motorcycles, which are small square boats, receiving a lot of tourism from Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, from many places that come to visit us here in Miamiand I walk them all over the bay, around the island, and the truth is that I’m doing very well with this, happy with life.

Cristian Zuárez and Adriana Amiel / Photo: Televisa

-Your ex, Laura Bozzo, with whom you have shared a home prison confinement for years, is now going to lock herself up for pleasure in ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’, do you think it’s good for her?

Christian Zuarez: I don’t agree, you don’t need to lock yourself in a house and show your life how it is… I think it was not necessary, but surely it is already something that she wanted to do and I wish her the bestbut for me it is not necessary that he already lend himself to this type of thing.

-Why do you think he does it?

Christian Zuarez: I think that misses Telemundo, and able to somehow return to that house that treated her so well said yesbut I think she has much more to give than being in a closed house with other talents, I can predict 2 or 3 more weeks.

-You who lived that house arrest with her and you know how difficult it was when she came out, the panic attacks, do you think she is ready to endure another confinement?

Christian Zuarez: If she was locked up for 3 years, a few months will not do anything to her, she could put up with it quietly and more, because she is going to live with other types of people, before it was just her and me, now there are going to be 10 or 12 people, so it is more bearable, but I repeat, she has her temperament, she is very explosive, and at the first chance that they look for her return they will find herand an authentic Laura will also be seen there because she will surely be noticed.

What do your housemates have to watch out for?

Christian Zuarez: Not to disturb, not to mess with her, where they mess with her they have to lose, that is, she always wins.

-How is your relationship with Laura today? if there is a relationship.

Christian Zuarez: Yes, we have a good relationship, we talk, she asks me for advice, I advise her from a distance and I wish her the bestbut nothing else, tWe have something pending there to work together at some pointthat if it happens, God willing, perfect, and if everything is not fine, there are no ties here, it is simply a friendship that luckily could be achieved over time and hopefully it will continue like this.



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Laura Bozzo’s ex sends a message to the talents of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’: “If they mess with her, they lose”