Laura Bozzo could apparently be sued by Nacho Casano’s relatives

The actor’s relatives Nacho Casano could be evaluating the possibility of proceeding with a lawsuit towards Laura Bozzo for alleged defamation, after she said several things during her participation in “La Casa de los Famosos 2” where the Argentine would be compromised.

Apparently Casano’s relatives have been a bit upset about some accusations where they end up damaging the image that he has been building over the years. In addition, the discomfort would also have been generated by the alleged teasing that would be linked to his sexual preferences.

“Today the family of NACHO CASANO we have decided to take legal action due to events that damage the image and good name that Nacho has built all these years, the people who have made serious accusations against him, defaming and making fun of their sexual preferences“It was part of the statement that the relatives of the model would have also offered.

In addition, the indignation and possible origin of this circumstance would have to do with the words where they assured that Nacho has managed to position himself thanks to the alleged romance that the actor would have had with a senior executive of a renowned television channel. For this reason, they stressed that Ignacio has always been a hardworking man and that it will be a process that they will handle according to the laws.

“But above all assuring that his career was made based on sleeping with a television executive, with indications that we cannot let you pass and we will carry out our process in accordance with the LAW and not in the media, THANK YOU”, they concluded.

It would be about a month ago when Bozzo mentioned to fellow actor Salvador Zerboni that the Argentine allegedly had something beyond a working relationship with someone of great power within a television station, which would have given him the opportunity in various projects.

This fact would become a delicate situation where they put at risk the image not only of the actor, but also that of another person who is not even known if it certainly happened. For this reason, his relatives would really be upset about what it would be like to talk without knowing if there really was a romance.

However, Casano has received countless comments about his sexuality, which should always be respected regardless of the decision that each one makes in their lives.

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Laura Bozzo could apparently be sued by Nacho Casano’s relatives