Latin TV icon presents his new animated series

(NEWS NOW) .- PBS KIDS announced his new animated series “Alma’s Way”, which will premiere on October 4, 2021.

The series has been created by Sonia Manzano, who played the endearing “María” on the Sesame Street program, one of the first Latino characters on television in the United States. Manzano is also Emmy® Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

Inspired by Sonia’s own youth, “Alma’s Way” focuses on the story of Alma Rivera, a 6-year-old Puerto Rican girl, proud and self-confident, that lives in the Bronx with his family and among a tight-knit and diverse group of friends and community members.

The series is influenced by Sonia’s humor and is based on her experience social and emotional. This will offer children from 4 to 6 years old the necessary tools to find their own answers, express their feelings and thoughts, as well as to recognize and respect the unique perspective of others.

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“I am so happy to be working with PBS KIDS and Fred Rogers Productions to introduce you to Alma, a strong and confident Puerto Rican girl who will help empower young viewers. Alma’s ‘manner’, as reflected in the title, is reason and think things through. The new series show children that their thought processes are valid and offer them an opportunity to gain the confidence to think critically”Said Manzano, executive producer with Ellen Doherty.

In every episode, Alma speaks directly to viewers at separate moments to “think hard” (Think Through moments), in which the situation stops, thinks and processes.

Jorge Aguirre, from the Goldie & Bear series, is the lead writer from the series in which kids will be able to follow Alma as she learns to speak up for herself, make tough decisions, manage to help your friends and much more.

The stories in the Alma’s Way series are designed to help children think for themselves and take into account the perspectives of those around them.. As Alma thinks and reasons her problems, she models the empathy and social awareness. He’s smart with a big heart, ”explained Doherty, creative director of Fred Rogers Productions.

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Every episode will show different aspects of Latino cultures through food, language, and above all, music, which will include traditional Puerto Rican styles, such as the Plena, Bomba, and Salsa, like other Latin music genres, such as They are Cuban and the Colombian cumbia.

The original theme song has been written and produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Bill Sherman, and the interpreted by Flaco Navaja and Summer Rose Castillo, who gives voice to the character of Alma. The music for the series is composed by Asher Lenz, Stephen Skratt and Fabiola M. Méndez.

The series will be freely available to all viewers on all PBS KIDS platforms, so much in English as Spanish.

“We are delighted to welcome Alma and her family to PBS KIDS this fall,” says Linda Simensky, Chief Content Officer for PBS KIDS. “Alma’s humor and spirit are present in all the stories in her neighborhood. All the children of the country deserve to be represented in stories that celebrate and give voice to the experiences they live. That kind of philosophy is at the heart of PBS KIDS. “

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“Alma’s Way” will premiere on PBS channels and will be available for free on PBS KIDS platforms starting October 4.. Simultaneously with the premiere of the series, the digital content for children, parents and teachers will also be available.

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