Lance Reddick would like Milla Jovovich to appear in Netflix’s Resident Evil series

Milla Jovovich is the undisputed icon of the film saga of resident Evil. The actress starred in the first six video game adaptations of resident Evil and put an end to his relationship with the saga after the premiere of Resident Evil: Final Chapter (2017).

In recent years, resident Evil has begun to return to our screens, although with a facelift and with the promise of being more faithful to the original material. lance reddick He is one of the main actors of the series of resident Evil giving life to Albert Wesker.

Lance Reddick wants Milla Jovovich to return to Resident Evil

The new Netflix series takes place three decades after the T-virus has been discovered and an outbreak reveals the darkest secrets of the Umbrella Corporation. In an interview with comicbook.comLance Reddick was asked if he would like to see in the series the return of classic characters from the saga such as Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy.

The actor found it difficult to answer the question because he had not played video games, although he had seen “most movies” of Paul W.S. Anderson.

Honestly, the movies have so much action that Milla Jovovich’s character is the only one I really remember. I think it would be very interesting to see if and how his character could fit into this series.”, stated Lance Reddick.

The new live-action series from resident Evil premiered on Netflix last July 14. On the same platform you can also enjoy Resident Evil: Infinite Darknessan animated series set in the Capcom horror video games which came out a few days earlier.

For its part, Movistar+ allows us to see the last real-image film of the saga, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City which hit theaters late last year to better reviews than the series.

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Lance Reddick would like Milla Jovovich to appear in Netflix’s Resident Evil series