Lalo Fernández’s anger with Nicolás Lussich: “Don’t accuse me of anything!”

It was another tense night Controversy at the barthis time due to a strong annoyance —although fleeting— of Lalo Fernandez for with Nicholas Lussichgenerated by an opinion on Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Louis Almagro.

This Sunday, the central guest of the Channel 10 program was William Domenechsenator of Town meetingand the conversation revolved around various aspects, from the euthanasia bill to his party’s request to reestablish the expiration law, to the UN’s observations to Uruguay.

In that last matter the talk was located when Patricia Madridwho yesterday acted as host in the absence of Jorge Piñeyrúa, made reference to the Uruguayans who are in charge of international organizations, and mentioned the case of Almagro at the OAS. And Lalo Fernández went out to the intersection: “Well, but we’re talking about Uruguayans, this traitor No”.

“Did you say ‘traitor’? Did I hear you right?” Madrid said, surprised. Then the panelist clarified that he used the term from a personal perspective: “I have my reasons.”

The Almagro affair raised the temperature of the studio quickly. “There you stepped on the stick,” said the journalist Nicholas Lussich, and Fernández did not let him advance. Obfuscated, he commented: “Don’t accuse me of anything! I have the right to say that he is a traitor!”

The panelist continued to speak, until the driver asked him if he did not want to “deepen” his situation with Almagro. “Let’s leave the Almagro thing to talk about the issues we have to talk about,” Fernandez claimed, and finally made the conversation follow his course.

Nicholas Lussich vs. Lalo Fernandez in
Nicholas Lussich vs. Lalo Fernández in “Controversy in the bar”. Photo: Capture of Channel 10

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Lalo Fernández’s anger with Nicolás Lussich: “Don’t accuse me of anything!”