La Voz Senior: father of a renowned chef conquered the program with his rock presentation

The new season of the TV show the senius voicer has awakened the sensitivity of Colombians with the presence of elderly participants who have told emotional life stories.

On the night of this Wednesday, September 21, the turn was for Enrique Cuéllar, father of the late chef Alejandro Cuéllar, who came to the auditions blind.

The 68-year-old artist surprised the three jurors, Andrés Cepeda, Kanny García and Nacho, by singing ‘Satisfaction’song by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, from The Rolling Stones, with guitar in hand, although none of the three turned their chairs.

Despite not qualifying, Cuéllar was very grateful for his audition and told a little about his life story.

He assured that he came from a large family of eight brothers and that his father instilled in them a taste for instruments. From a young age they formed a family band to which other artists also came to play with them.

He also said that he traveled to the United States, where he met his first wife, Beatriz Suárez, with whom he had his first son, Alejandro. “At 15 years old I separated and met Luisa Fernanda, with whom I had my daughter Paula,” he said.

The presenter Iván Lalinde asked him about his son Alejandro and the singer could not hide his sadness.

“My eldest son was a great chef that this city had, I will always remember his kindness, nobility and talent. I always have it in my heart. When you lose a child, you don’t have a name, you lose your life,” he said as both he and Lalinde wept.

It is worth remembering that Alejandro Cuéllar was an important chef who created restaurants like Canasto Picnic Bistró and who died in 2019 in Malaysia after suffering a massive heart attack due to a genetic heart condition.

Andrés Cepeda could not stand laughing with the name of a contestant

The night of Tuesday, September 20, was full of exciting moments in the episode of Senior Voice, One of them was when a participant confessed to Nacho that she had a fantasy with him and the artist got up from his chair to give him a hug.

Later, one of the participants He stole the smiles of the juries thanks to the history of his particular name and how it was that his parents ended up baptizing him that way.

This is Eradio, a 76-year-old man from the municipality of San Vicente de Chucurí, in Santander, who participated with the song ‘Embrujo’ and with which he managed to make the three jurors turn their chairs.

According to what he said, the most common name is Eladio, but his father came to register it with a couple of drinks in his head and the registrar understood Eradio and not Eladio.

“The name that exists in the country is Eladio, but it turns out that my dad was a little drunk, drunk, to my baptism. Then the priest asked him: ‘What name were you going to give the child?’, and he [el padre] said [usando tono de borracho]: ‘Eradio’”, said the participant.

The anecdote aroused the laughter of the jurors, who agreed on the strangeness of the name.

Despite the fact that the three jurors turned their chairs, “Old Yayo”, as the participant calls himself, leaned towards Cepeda to be his coach. In fact, they ended up singing a cumbia version of ‘Embrujo’ together.

Contestants of ‘La Voz Senior’, although they did not pass, found love in the ‘reality’

And it is that The Senior Voice He left his loyal fans speechless with the early days of the blind auditions, where coaches gave various talents the chance to compete with their voice and advance to the finals. Different stories were known throughout the presentations, awakening all kinds of reactions in the public.

Recently, during the shows that were reflected in the chapters, two participants called attention to a particular experience they had when trying to enter the reality show. They are Ninfa Patricia Cohen and Gustavo Rodas, who did not make it to the next round and were left out of the competition.

Both contestants were invited to Day to daywhere they revealed a surprise news about an award they got when auditioning. The two Colombians were honest about their lives and said that they were currently dating, once they met on Canal Caracol.

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La Voz Senior: father of a renowned chef conquered the program with his rock presentation