La Volpe’s epic response to Hugo Sánchez on Star+

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The enmity between Hugo Sanchez and Ricardo La Volpe It has existed since the 70s and increased when both coincided in atlantean in 1994, because the ‘Bigotón’ was the coach, the ‘Pentapichichi’ was a striker and they even almost came to blows at a Barca team meal.

In ‘Bios: Lives that marked yours‘, exclusive Star+ documentary that you can enjoy starting this Friday, June 23They both remembered how the lawsuit they had during a rally was like when they were both in Atlante.

Sanchez noted that they were at a team lunch when The Volpe he entered the designated room, but did not greet anyone. Hugo He said that it became normal and when he finished eating he withdrew, The Volpe He scolded him saying that he had no manners, so the battering ram replied that neither did he and the fight broke out.

“Maybe I didn’t want to hit him because I felt sorry for him,” he said The Volpe when he recalled the incident, to which Hugo He replied, “He didn’t dare hit me because he didn’t have what it takes to hit me.”

“He got up and said ‘who do you think you are? He took me by the shirt and I told him, you are going to hit me, I don’t think you have the sizes to hit me, ”he said Hugo Sanchez.

“We were in the dining room, something happened, it drove me crazy, he threw stones up. I remember having swiped it, but the players got in,” he replied. The Volpe exclusively for the documentary.

The relationship of both was not the best and the same national forward maintained that “I put clauses that I did not want to be disrespected”, he narrated Hugo. “I said that I could not remove myself to put Jorge Campos”, this because The Volpe He put the Mexican goalkeeper as a striker on some occasions.

“Here in Mexico those things are allowed because the first mistake was made by the president for allowing those things,” replied the “Bigotón” about the clauses he put Hugo Sanchez in his contract with atlantean.

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La Volpe’s epic response to Hugo Sánchez on Star+