“La reina del sur 3”: New season of the Telemundo series will be recorded in Peru with national interpreters

The third season of “Queen of the south, the series starring Kate del Castillo, brings many surprises for the Peruvian public. And is that some of his scenes will be shot in the Peru, as confirmed by executive producer Ximena Cantuarias.

The start of the recordings in our country will begin “at the end of September or the beginning of October,” according to Cantuarias told the newspaper. Trade. “We will record for two weeks. By themes COVID-19We have been moving a lot of things, adjusting our dates, “he said.

The production company also mentioned that, among the locations chosen for the filming of the new installment of “Queen of the south“, there is Cusco, especially Macchu Picchu. “And we are also planning to go to Lima, because we want to show the Historic Center, Miraflores, San Isidro …”, he added.

According to Cantuarias, the president of Telemundo Global Studios, Marcos Santana, “likes Lima very much and does not want to stop showing it.” “The idea is basically to show the wonders that Latin America has, this season is ‘The queen of the south’, literally,” he said.

“Without a doubt we will have Peruvian actors”

Co-produced by Telemundo Global Studios and Netflix, the third part of “Queen of the south“starts in the United States, where Teresa Mendoza, played by Kate del Castillo, is incarcerated in a maximum security prison.

However, after an escape, the protagonist will travel to Latin America “in search of information,” according to Ximena Cantuarias. That is the reason why, at the end of May, the recordings of this story based on the novel by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte began in Bolivia.

Months later, after passing through Colombia and Mexico, the cameras of the series will land on Peru, where the producer assured that they will summon national interpreters to join the project: “Without a doubt we are going to have Peruvian actors.”

“In fact, already in Bolivia we had Bolivian characters and the same is going to be in Peru, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and in every country we visit, “he added.

At the moment, the producer of “Queen of the south“He communicated that” they are “just” going to “start the casting.” “All will have important characters that will generate and detonate various situations. Once we have the shortlist of actors, we will make a decision, we will choose, “he said.


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