“La Pantera” Denisse Novoa will perform in a Telemundo series


Denisse Novoa

After his participation in the third and fifth season of the Telemundo reality show, Exatlon United States, “The Panther” Denisse Novoa He set out to make a dream come true: to succeed in acting. And everything indicates that perseverance is giving you results, since little by little, you are getting closer to your desire.

In a recent post he uploaded to his official Instagram account, The 25-year-old Mexican gave clues of the character she will play in the Telemundo series “The Woman of my life”.

“Another photo here in character. I had fun filming Yenni a lot, she really is half toast… they will tell me next year when the series comes out, but in the meantime… excited for Christmas that is already approaching !! Do you like to celebrate more Christmas or New Years? I read them ”, he wrote without giving more details about his character or what the series will be about.

However, in the hashtags he used, he clarified what the project would be about: “#yenni #lamujerdemivida #lmdmv #telemundo #actress #acting #panteranovoa”, he wrote, thus revealing that the series in which he will participate is “La Mujer de Mi Vida ”, a series that Telemundo announced for 2022.

“We are very excited and proud to have brought together this luxury cast for ‘La Mujer de mi Vida’ starring Iván Sánchez, Angélica Celaya, Mauricio Islas and Catherine Siachoque,” ​​reported Karen Barroeta, Executive Vice President of Production and Development for Telemundo Global Studios in a statement published on the official website of Telemundo.

See here a preview of The Woman of my Life:

“This is a true love story that will go straight to the hearts of the public as they see themselves reflected in the characters who face challenges and family problems where love will be the key to overcoming everything,” the statement added.

Unconditional support

The publication made by The Panther immediately generated messages of joy from his followers. “How good Denisse you are doing a series, you really deserve the best, we miss you a lot, and in my case I like Christmas better”, “My beautiful Novoa panther with her heavenly eyes”, “Greetings Beautiful that you invite to the House of the famous ”, were some of the messages that they left him.

On interview with Right Now held a while ago, the Mexican told about her intention to launch into acting. “Acting fascinates me, that’s why I’m doing castings in the Latin market and the American market, and we have castings at the door, waiting for something to come out of there,” he revealed.

“I have been casting everywhere. Some productions are recorded in Colombia, others in Mexico, some productions in the American market. I’m dealing with all this and they are more related to series and also to Netflix movies ”, Novoa added during the interview.

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“La Pantera” Denisse Novoa will perform in a Telemundo series