‘La casa de papel’: the overwhelming final season of the Netflix series entrusts everything to adrenaline with uneven results

The long awaited final season of ‘The paper house’ debuts on Netflix on September 3. It does so with a first batch of five episodes, leaving as many for the series to say goodbye on December 3. My big question was whether really what could be said of the robbery of the Bank of Spain, and the start of this fifth season makes me think that was not the case.

Seen the first two episodes -the ones that Netflix has made available to the press-, the feeling is that the team led by Alex Pina He’s trying to get a sense of constant climax, that at any moment everything can go to hell. Come on, adrenaline above anything else, something that the series had already been doing since its jump to Netflix, but that here it goes a step further with uneven results.

Forward without brakes

I have nothing against tackling a situation as complicated as the one that the band has to face from the viscerality, because everything has become extremely complicated after seeing how the Professor is at the mercy of Sierra and Tamayo’s determination to solve everything with violent methods as soon as possible.

That leads to a search for constant conflict, regardless of whether they are going to undo it just minutes later, in the case of Tokyo and Lisbon, or that there is something a little forced there, which is what happens with everything related to Arturo, that character that before we all loved to hate but whose passage through the series should never have extended so much. It is true that it is a great destabilizing element, but precisely for that reason it makes less sense that it is still around.

La Casa De Papel Season 5 Scene

The funny thing is that there is a minimum space for the pause in this fifth season start, but it is to introduce new characters through flashbacks. In the case of Miguel Angel Silvestre It is surprising that it is for such an anecdotal appearance, while with Patrick Created It is clear that the seeds are being planted to give some sense to some script twist to come, but the Berlin plot has already been stretched more than necessary so that Pedro Alonso can continue giving life to the MVP of the first two seasons.

Beyond that, in this start of the last season of ‘La casa de papel’ the feeling of endless climax in visual terms so that in the narrative always ends up finding some reason to continue postponing the arrival of the great final confrontation. It is true that verisimilitude has long since become secondary -if it was not always-, but it comes a bit in which the series is hardly sustained in relation to the script.

More is less

Scene Season 5 La Casa De Papel

And it is that ‘La casa de papel’ may have always been based on the idea that robbers are always one step ahead of authority, but here we are already entering the field of improvisation in some aspects, something to the which is hinted directly in the second episode. In that brief conversation, allusion is made to the dangers that this entails for the band, but applied to the series is even more damaging.

There has come a point where it just seems like limit situations accumulate so that the rhythm does not falter. The characters do not matter too much beyond the possibility that they die, and there I have to admit that this start of the season did make me believe that surely the time had come for one of the protagonists, but the price to pay is that they have barely been It takes two episodes to finish something exhausted.

What has happened? Well, everything that helped make ‘La casa de papel’ one of the most addictive series of recent years has reached that point where one begins to be aware that too many things have been sacrificed for the sake of past intensity of laps. There it shines in the technical and even in the staging, noticing the strong investment made, but everything points to a successful death. I hope I’m wrong and then there’s a brutal comeback to give the series a farewell in style, but There comes a point where more is less and I think it’s been a while since he left it behind.

In short

Season 5 The Paper House

‘The paper house’ already gave certain symptoms of exhaustion in the fourth season and the feeling has not exactly gone less at the start of the fifth. More irregular than ever, continues to function as an intense pastime, partly due to the established inertia and the affection that one may have towards their characters, but everything indicates that the great final fireworks are going to be a bit uphill for us.

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