Kingdom Hearts was about to have an animated series in 2003 and its pilot episode is a dart of nostalgia

Why has there never been an animated series of Kingdom Hearts? The franchise cries out to heaven for an adaptation of this type, but the truth is that it has never been produced… or has it? Seth Kearsley, director of Eight Crazy Nights, has unearthed from the depths of his house a unmissable gem.

And it is that the adventures of Sora, Donald and Goofy really had a first pilot episode that now comes to light. The project was canceled in 2003, a year after the release of the first game, and now is the first time we see it in its entirety. Enjoy this treasure lost in time.

“This does not belong to me. I do not claim any rights to any part of this, except that it is my work. I do not benefit from it. I want to show my work. 20 years have passed.” explains Kearsley. Although it was known that a series was underway, the truth is that we had only been able to enjoy some static images.

The person in charge claims to be very proud of the work they were able to do and recognizes that during the test sessions, the children were the ones who received the product the best. This pilot episode of Kingdom Hearts it has sat on VHS for decades and after figuring out how to get the material into digital format, Kearsley has shared it with the world.

In just 11 minutes we can see the first steps of Tetsuya Nomura’s work. Kairi, Riku and Sora in Destiny Islands, which end up being consumed by darkness, and the Disney villains hatching plans with Maleficent at the forefront. Even Agrabah was going to be the main world for the first episode.

The original voice actors and actresses were going to participate in the series with the exception of Haley Joel Osment, who gave life to Sora. The reasons for canceling the series, unveiled by Kearsley, resided in the fact that Disney preferred self-conclusive chapters and not a story that stretches out over time. In addition, the pilot episode was received by Disney and Square Enix as an Aladdin story in which the characters of Aladdin appear circumstantially. Kingdom Hearts.

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Kingdom Hearts was about to have an animated series in 2003 and its pilot episode is a dart of nostalgia