Katy Perry, disguised as Ariel, suffers a fall and takes a tremendous “mermaid”

Singer Katy Perry returned to star in another embarrassing but funny moment during the live broadcast of the program American Idol: now slipped and fell off a chair due to an Ariel costume and it took a tremendous hit.

During the transmission the exact moment of the fall was not seen; however, while the show’s host, Ryan Seacrest, presented a section, a tremendous thud was heard and at that moment the broadcast showed Katy Perry on the ground, while her fellow jurors tried to lift her up.

The singer of hits like “Fireworks” leaned back in her chair and quickly fell to the ground during the live broadcast, while her fellow jurors, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie mocked and helped her at the same time.

The moment did not happen to majors, the own Katy Perry joked on her social networks with the comment: “Mermaid down”.

The 37-year-old singer dressed as Ariel, from “The Little Mermaid”, for Disney Night what does the reality show have American Idol.

In fact, on other occasions, Katy has also dressed up as Tinkerbell (Tinker Bell), Snow White, Ursula, among others, although this time the mermaid’s tail made him spend an embarrassing moment.

It is not the first “accident” of Katy Perry in american ideitherhe

The fall of Katy Perry disguised as “Little Mermaid” has not been the only one bear of the singer on the game show: a couple of months ago, she experienced a painful moment when his pants ripped while he bowed during his performance.

Katy Perry was singing when her red leather pants fell open, causing an ironic and comical reaction between the people that is here, including his companions at the judges’ table, who ironized the situation; staff members improvised a yellow patch with tape to hide the tear.

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Katy Perry, disguised as Ariel, suffers a fall and takes a tremendous “mermaid”