Katla: Why Watch Iceland’s Intriguing Supernatural Series On Netflix

We found the substitute for Dark, is named Boiler and it’s going to blow your mind from chapter 1.

In a small town of Iceland, called Bay, the few remaining inhabitants live in fear that the volcano that has been erupting for more than a year will finally destroy everything. As this happens, a mysterious woman emerges from a glacier covered in a thick layer of black mud, altered and without many memories of what happened, who she is or how she got there, this is how this story begins.

What follows in the series is a story full of inexplicable elements, cold, isolation and a group of people trying to make sense of what is happening to them, which adds to a natural disaster that could end the town and erase it from the Map.

The official synopsis of Netflix says that: “One year after the violent eruption of the subglacial volcano Boiler, the peace and quiet in the small town of Vik have been dramatically disturbed. As people evacuate the area, mysterious elements, which have been deeply frozen in the glacier since prehistoric times, begin to emerge from the melting ice and cause consequences that no one could foresee. “

The premise of Boiler It is fiction, but it is based on science and the real possibility that a volcano eruption can be catastrophic for a small community (and it already happened in Pompeii). The volcano Boiler actually exists and is said to have been an eruption in AD 822 that likely caused famine, plague and freezing temperatures in Europe. An eruption in the nearby boy in 1783 it affected the climate throughout the Northern Hemisphere for a year, and is now believed to have been a trigger for the French Revolution.

Why watch the series?

A mystery that grows weirder

Several characters come into play in this story, and their stories come together when a strange woman appears. Gríma (Guðrún Ýr Eyfjörð), the main character, went through a family tragedy, her father, Þór (the actor in the movie Everest Ingvar Sigurdsson) seems to be hiding a secret, and a police officer named Gísli (the actor from the series Trapped Thorsteinn Bachmann) is determined to discover the truth, even though he has his own family problems and tragedies.

It is clear that the inhabitants of Bay Their days are numbered in their town, but something forces them to stay in a place with an inhospitable climate, a volcano that could kill them, and a mystery that seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Who is that mysterious woman? How did you get to the glacier you came out of? Why do you seem to know the locals who say they don’t know or remember you? That is only the first part of this story, which little by little is adding more problems that make Gríma and company feel increasingly desperate to find answers.

Boiler It is its own story, it is something different from what we have seen before, but it has elements that fans of Dark they will feel familiar, how you touch them supernatural that are mixed with science (more or less), the dark tones, the clues that little by little explain the story and the fact that it takes place within a small community that ends upside down with a simple event that has more ramifications than anyone would imagine.

Vik’s landscapes

The series first places you in Iceland, you can see a thick column of smoke rising from a volcano in the distance, creating a contrast between dream and nightmare with the black earth, rough sea and huge rocks that surround a small traditional village with a collection of small houses that help you feel more deeply the loneliness and remoteness of Vik.

It is there, in that frozen place, where Boiler it leaves you with a feeling that you are in an alternate reality, in a world where everything is possible and where the laws of physics, or of life and death do not really apply.

Besides that, the series also has a great soundtrack that gives everything a dark and mysterious atmospheric touch, creating the feeling that something terrible is about to happen in that place that from the beginning was having a very bad time. And, as if that were not enough, the photography is also impressive and leaves you wanting to visit that place even with the threat of the volcano.