Kate del Castillo leads a group of armed women in the new series ‘Armas de mujer’

Kate of the Castle returns with a new series hbo max, women’s weapons, portrays a group of women who must resort to violence to survive in a world of thugs and drug dealers.

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In addition to Del Castillo (Ángela), the eight-episode series stars Roselyn Sánchez (Sofía), Sylvia Sáenz (Viri) and Jeimy Osorio (Esme), and tells the story of “the wives of the bad guys” who, when their husbands —who stole $5 million from a drug lord— are imprisoned, they must forget their differences and fears to take control of their lives and protect themselves. HBO Max’s new black comedy premieres this September on the streaming platform.

“I am fascinated by the project because we are presenting a humor that Latin Americans are not used to in this format, which is ‘dark comedy’… with women [personajes] that are very contrasting in their way of being, in ways, in ideals, but they come together because they have no other choice. And there are a series of situations where at the end of the last episode they tell you: ‘Hey, we didn’t see it coming!’” Del Castillo said.

These women lived on appearances and ignored the business of their husbands who supported them and provided them with luxuries. In addition, a hatred exacerbated by rivalries and the complicity of their husbands was created between them.

“There is a bit of fantasy because obviously if she is a woman who is married to a drug dealer, I think she cannot not know what her husband does, but she has a bit of fantasy to give her that halo of mystery,” Del Castillo explains.

“The public in Latin America loves the topic of drug trafficking because it represents a lot of curiosity, a lot of truth, the other side of what comes out in the news. And that’s where we go, but that’s not all, it’s the resistance of four women, unity, proof of what friendship is,” Roselyn Sánchez pointed out.

women’s weapons features the same production team as Telemundo’s flagship hit, the queen of the south, and was created by José Luis Acosta. The story begins with the emotional shock of the four women who face their reality: their husbands are in prison, they are unprotected, and they have to do something.

“Either they join or destroy each other. We all take on female characters with different emotional facets, ranging from insecurity to strength, and I think that is what should be highlighted from what we worked on during the eight episodes,” said Sylvia Sáenz.

“And it is very important to highlight the process of change that they face, because if they did not take it head on, they sank, they would die trying and it was better for them to try,” said Jeimy Osorio.

The four husbands stole $5 million from a major capo, Zuazo, and this sparked a battle that landed them in prison. The protagonists have had bank accounts cut off, stumbled upon an accidental murder, and must go toe-to-toe with several of the most feared criminals to try to survive.

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Kate del Castillo leads a group of armed women in the new series ‘Armas de mujer’