Kate del Castillo is an insecure woman in the new series “Armas de Mujer”

A woman “insecure, addicted and obsessed with beauty” is how Mexican actress Kate del Castillo describes her character Ángela in the new series Women’s Weapons a role that, according to what she told Efe, took her much more out of her comfort zone than the warrior Teresa Mendoza in the queen of the south.

The also producer recently traveled from Miami to Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru and her native Mexico, in Latin America, to record the exteriors of the third season of the queen of the southwhich premieres on Telemundo on October 17.

“It was an extraordinary gift of life,” said the artist, who, as part of the “wonderful” experience, mentioned the male lead, the Portuguese actor Pepe Rapazote, and having “had an extraordinary team, made up in part of people from season two, but also incredible professionals in every country we went to. Unforgettable!”.

Rapazote was full of praise for his partner. “Working with Kate has taught me a new level of intensity,” the Portuguese told Efe, who confessed that this intensity went beyond acting because “we maintained the strength that is seen in the series to have a good time behind the cameras. ”.

Kate del Castillo has been working tirelessly. Accompanied by Carmen Cervantes and Jessica Maldonado, her colleagues at the production company Cholawoods, she has produced the film Hunting Ana Bravowhich can be seen from August on Roku in the United States and on Prime Video in the rest of the world.

He is currently filming the movie A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow and is in the pre-production stage of the series A Beautiful LifeLatin version of the work of Anna Karenina of Leo Tolstoy. In addition, he prepares a “talk-show” type program.

Del Castillo is behind and in front of the cameras in all these projects.

Angela and Teresa, two faces of Kate

This October she will be 50 years old and the need to speed up life has her “generating work for myself and for everyone who can”, because she is convinced that “you cannot wait for others to knock on your door and offer you work. It is sought and, if there is none, it is invented”.

A few months ago, Del Castillo had told Efe that although the character of Teresa Mendoza and Ángela, whom she brings to life in Women’s Weaponsare “totally opposite”, both demanded “great internal and external transformations”.

“I had less than a week after finishing recording women’s weapons to change my chip and start with The Queen, a complicated process because they could not be more different. I was able to do it because I am already in my third season with Teresa Mendoza, otherwise it would have been impossible, “she confessed.

women’s weaponsa Cholawood production for Telemundo Studios, tells the story of four women “with disastrous partners who come together to control their lives.”

The other protagonists are the Puerto Ricans Roselyn Sánchez and Jeimy Osorio, and the Mexican Sylvia Sáenz.

Del Castillo said that “it is a different project, in which we managed to show the diversity of Latinos, the strength of Latin women.”

producer and actress

The series, which premieres on September 15 on the streaming platforms Peacock (in the US) and HBO Max (in the rest of the world), was recorded at the Telemundo studios in Miami in early 2021.

“Working as a producer and an actress at the same time is not easy. When they went to rest I continued working, but the character was so fabulous that I wanted to stay with him, ”she indicated.

For the first time, the public will see Del Castillo as a blonde with green eyes, “very feminine, forgetful, anxious, obsessed with how she looks and what people think of her.”

“It couldn’t be more different from me or from Teresita,” he asserted.

The actresses agreed that the background of the series is the way in which these women “discover that inside they are made of steel” when their husbands go to jail and must avoid being implicated in the case against them, in addition to seeing how to survive.

“There is drama, but it is also very funny, because it plays a lot with black comedy. All of us, starting with Kate, bring out new acting skills for the public,” said Sánchez, who is about to premiere the second season of the new stage of The fantasy island.

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Kate del Castillo is an insecure woman in the new series “Armas de Mujer”