Karla Souza became Black Widow and her fans loved the transformation

Karla Souza is in a good moment of her artistic career. After having participated in ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ he decided to try his luck in the world of comedy and his bet has been very fruitful.

This 2021 was released ‘ Home Economics‘, a series in which she plays Marina, a housewife with a very honest personality.

The series has been running for two seasons and on September 26, ABC ad which will be extended for 9 more chapters thanks to the success it has had.

The character has also given her the opportunity to represent a woman quite similar to her in real life: Marina is a mother of a family and proudly Latina.

Karla Souza dressed up as Black Widow: the photo

As part of this story, the Mexican had the opportunity to characterize herself as Black Widow, one of the most popular superheroines of the moment and who, in real life, is interpreted by Scarlett Johansson.

The actress shared a couple of portraits of her costume on her Instagram account and invited her followers to see the new episode of ‘Home Economics’, in which the whole family dresses up as superheroes for Halloween.

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Immediately, the comment section was filled with messages about how good he looked in his costume.

Some of her fans even remembered her character as Laurel in ‘How to Get Away With Murder’, as at that time her hair was lighter and slightly similar to the wig she was wearing.

The official Instagram account of the series had announced a couple of days ago that her husband in fiction, Tom, would go as Iron Man, while his eldest daughter, Camila, will disguise herself as Gamora.

Previously, Karla Souza had commented that one of the aspects that she has most enjoyed bringing Marina to life is the costumes, which usually show the character’s cultural heritage.

Last october 13 commented on his Instagram account who turned to Latin designers in the United States to create the looks of their character and even took the opportunity to promote some of them.

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Karla Souza became Black Widow and her fans loved the transformation