Karina Banda returns to Falling in love and together with Rafael Araneda and Ana Patricia Gámez promote ViX

Karina Band returned to Falling in Love USA. The driver returned to her program to promote beside Rafael Araneda and Ana Patricia Gámez the arrival of ViX, platform where you can see the new program that Carlos Ponce’s wife will lead. The public reacted immediately upon seeing her on the program’s Instagram. They celebrate his return and ask him to stay. They keep saying they don’t want him to go.

The public was happy to see her on the show. There are many who yearn for her return because they feel that the way in which she left the UniMás show was unfair. Ana Patricia Gámez spoke clearly on this subject through her podcast Ana Patricia No Filter. There he said that she did not take anyone’s job. That Karina Banda still has her contract. And she even highlighted that the production called her to ask her to return.

Ana Patricia even revealed the conditions of her contract, conditions that she negotiated to be able to return to Falling in love with Rafael Araneda. And he said that his decision to return has nothing to do with money, his negotiation was about the time, about the time in which he will be recording the program and in which he will fulfill the commitments that it demands . She also pointed out that both her children and her husband allowed her to return, they themselves are adapting.

So Karina Banda returned to Falling in love and said that her in-laws have confused her with Ana Patricia. While her mother-in-law said no, that it wasn’t Karina, her mother-in-law insisted that she was. But no, it was not Karina Banda. This week Ana Patricia Gámez was once again the star host of Falling in Love USA and Carlos Ponce’s wife is still chosen to host La Isla de Falling in Love.

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Karina Banda returns to Falling in love and together with Rafael Araneda and Ana Patricia Gámez promote ViX