Karina Banda feels nervous about presenting “Enamorándonos”: INTERVIEW


Karina Banda is the host of “Enamorándonos”.

After the departure of Ana Patricia Gamez, a new presenter joins the most romantic reality show on UniMás. As of this Monday, August 16, Falling in love returns to the small screen and will be presented by Karina Banda and Rafael Araneda. Karina is fired of The fat and the skinny to become the co-host of Falling in love. “I never imagined that I would be in a show like this,” Karina said in an interview with AhoraMismo.com. “I like it a lot because every day is going to be a different challenge, a different adventure and who doesn’t like love. Love is happiness when there are good things. When there is a break, not so much, true. Well, as Rafa says, there has to be everything ”.

What will be in this season are couples preparing to reach the altar. Also new love stories, new “loves”, commitments and more. And who better than the nice Karina to present these stories. “The public chose me to stay here accompanying Rafa and all the lovers and arrowed”, assures Karina. “It is important to share these love stories with viewers because there will surely be some at home who no longer believe in love. There are some at home who have already lost hope. And there will be some at home who need to be distracted and stay with us glued to the television watching the stories that in the end are real. They are new and different stories of each one of those who are taking part in the show ”.

Karina admires the great energy of her partner Rafael

Rafael as presenter is very witty. It has extremely [mucha] energy that I don’t know where he gets it from, which by the way I need to speak very well with him on that subject. He is someone very sensitive who takes you from laughing to making you cry. He is a great improviser, which is not easy.

While Rafa told us that “we are going to see Karina becoming a woman who will entertain us, who will make us laugh, who will excite us, because that is Enarmorándonos“.

Karina is nervous about presenting a show without having a script

“I am feeling nervous. Rafa told me ‘Karina you have to have fun’ so the key is fun. Let yourself go and let it flow … that’s what I’ll try to do, put the nerves aside. Focusing for the first time, not on a script, but on what’s going on around me because in my work it was usually the other way around. Forget what is happening around you and focus on your script. Now it is the opposite. So let’s see. One more adventure! ”, Karina expressed in the interview that you can see below. And he added, “I expect good things. I hope the public reaction is positive. What I have come to do here is have fun and I hope to add to the fun ”.

Karina is NOT a fan of Bennifer

Since we are on the subject of love and romance. We asked Karina who her favorite famous couple is right now and she made it very clear that she is not a fan of Bennifer. “My favorite famous couple is not Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. At one point they could be my favorite couple because at one point I was excited about what was happening. But then I already feel that it lost its naturalness. I like to see when things are natural and that doesn’t seem so natural to me. My favorite famous couple is Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer also because they are friends. I have seen his love closely, it is a very beautiful love. I also love them [ellos] on social networks ”. Check out a fun TikTok of Sebastian with Angelique below.

“Enamorándonos” premieres its third season this August 16 with Karina Banda and Rafael Araneda

Karina Banda and Rafael Araneda premiere the third season of Enamorándonos this Monday, August 16 at 8 pm ET, on Unimás. “I am happy and happy to start again on the path of Falling in love now in the company of Karina with new lovers and new lovers, arrowed and arrowed, and we are going to have a new mix of new love stories that will surprise and amuse us ”, said Rafael. “We also have the magic of the wedding and it will be part of the first hours of this new start of Falling in love. There are ruptures like life itself. The love, the lack of love and the meeting and disagreement ”.