Karely Ruiz revealed that she had a relationship with a Monterrey player

Currently, it is not uncommon to know that athletes look for influencers through their social networks to try to win them over. And if someone knows well on that subject it is karely ruizwho constantly boasts that he receives invitations.

However, during an interview on a radio program, the star revealed that despite the fact that she has always chosen not to associate with famous people sentimentally, she could not deny when a Monterrey player conquered it.

“I went out with a footballer from Monterey“, he commented between nervous armholes, although he did not want the name of the Rayados footballer who managed to get him to go out with him.

On the other hand, she assured that she usually maintains contact with famous people, but only to collaborate, although many times they take advantage of them to court her, although she does not pay much attention to them.

“(Have they looked for you) to go out? Yes, but I’m not saying names, “said the influencer during her visit to the radio program La Caminera.

However, the drivers were not satisfied with the answer, so they insisted on the star of OnlyFans to reveal who she had dated, but Karely flatly refused.

“No, I can’t. Then they burn me,” he said between laughs.

Footballers look for her a lot

​Last weeks, during a broadcast on Instagram, the influencers and star of OnlyFansrevealed that footballers constantly send him invitations to go out, but he has not accepted them.

“Some footballers from the Monterrey teams have written to me through Instagram and were looking to have an appointment,” he said.

Who is Karely Ruiz?

After his time on television, karely ruiz She began her career as an influencer, where her most notable experience has been on OnlyFans, where she is one of the most subscribed in the country.

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Karely Ruiz revealed that she had a relationship with a Monterrey player