Julieta Ortega stood up against macrism at Juana Viale’s: “They attack me”

Juliet Ortega, actress and daughter of Palito Ortega, spoke in Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand about the aggression he receives on social media for expressing his political stance. In dialogue with Juana Viale and the rest of the guests, she explained how she copes with this situation, a price she had to pay for not staying silent.

In addition to the comments he receives on social networks from trolls and false profiles, he also explained that the aggression comes from people “who are loaded with a lot of hatred” and that, many times, they take the things they say out of context, both in the media every time you give a note like on social platforms, every time you issue your opinion on a topic and someone replicates it.

I leave all the spaces where I feel there is aggression. There are people with whom I do not agree at all, I do not read them, I do not insult them. That generates a lot of rejection from both parties. But later yes, there is a space with which I feel identified and I am never afraid to speak about it out loud”, He expressed Ortega.

“Do they attack you for your political position, for example?” Juana asked him. “They attack me for my political position all the time. It’s the only thing they really attack me for. Especially in social networks ”, said Julieta. “Every time I have said something publicly, they have attacked me a lot and have taken notes, titles and things out of context. There are many people who are loaded with a lot of hatred ”.

Julieta Ortega spoke about the possibility of dedicating herself to politics

In another interview with A24, in the cycle Long live sunday, Juliet Ortega He spoke about the possibility of dedicating himself to politics, beyond his career in art. “I imagined at a time in politics, especially when it was the whole issue of abortion that many women took to the streets and we were there militant and putting a lot of body on it,” he confessed.

Although she enjoyed having a space within the militancy with feminism, it is not something she would think she could bear. “We were touring the offices of deputies and senators, and I said ‘how great to have in your power these kinds of decisions that are going to change the lives of so many people, what a huge and beautiful tool well used’, but later it entails many things that are not I know if I am willing. You have to have thick skin and sit on things, and for that you have to be in good standing ”, he concluded.

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Julieta Ortega stood up against macrism at Juana Viale’s: “They attack me”