Juana Viale’s surprising compliment to a guest: “I want to highlight her beauty”

The driver Juana Viale He could not hide his admiration and complimented one of his guests live. It is that when observing the look of Soledad Fandiño, the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand He only had compliments to demonstrate in front of the camera and the moment was recorded since it was broadcast on the air of The thirteen.

“Before starting with the table, I want to highlight the beauty of Soledad,” he said. Juana Viale, pleasantly surprised by the look she decided to use Soledad Fandiño. For her part, the actress and host responded: “Yours, Juana.”

Meanwhile, and after the compliments of Juana Viale, Soledad Fandiño was shown in front of the camera for the audience to observe the reasons why the granddaughter of Mirtha Legrand decided to make a space to highlight the host of It’s over there. “I haven’t worn something like that in a long time. I gave it my all. In the program I’m more in a sweater and here we are today, “said the former couple of René Pérez.

The unexpected rudeness of El Dipy to Juana Viale

Invited to La Mesaza (The thirteen) from Mirtha Legrand, the singer David Adrián “El Dipy “ Martínez again referred to the political situation and his link with opposition figures, such as the former president Mauricio Macri, with whom he had met alone weeks ago. “I shouldn’t be sitting here”, questioned the musician in an unexpected rudeness to Juana Viale, in the last broadcast of his program.

When consulted by Viale, “El Dipy” reiterated this Sunday that did not receive any proposal from Together for Change to integrate that space for the legislative elections this year. The host did not end there and asked the artist about his interest in politics.

“Everything is politics in life, we are all doing politics. This country lacks common sense. I would not have to be sitting here today, I would like a politician to be saying the things he did”, Expressed” El Dipy “, before the gaze of Sofia Pachano, Viviana Saccone Y Carlos Belloso.