Juana Viale pressured Yanina Latorre to say what she thinks about Maru Botana

Juana Viale, who currently hosts his grandmother’s show, Having lunch with Mirtha Legrandhe asked Yanina Latorre, panelist of Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM) on her relationship with three celebrities she had conflicts with at some point: Maru Botana, Beto Casella, Jimena Barón, Luciana Salazar, Graciela Alfano and Mariana Nannis.

“Yani, to close the gap, yes or yes you have to tell me something positive about all the people I’m going to tell you”, he challenged her Juanita, starting by Maru Botana. “She must be a very good mother”, he reflected Yanina. About Beto Casella, he expressed: “He is a very successful guy with what he does, he is a very good partner and people love him very much. Not me”. “Jimena Barón”, he asked Avenue. “No, I love Jimena. She was mad at me, it seems to me, but I love her. I love Jimena, I love it, “he said. Tower. Regarding Graciela Alfano, she acknowledged: “That is difficult. She has the best face and the best hair of all the women in Argentina ”.

About Luciana Salazar he said that “she is a woman who if she showed herself publicly as she is privately she would be very cool.” “I who have gone out to eat with her and I met her, her personality is much prettier than the one she shows on TV wanting to be the one with all the men and that thing. It is divine, a love, but it has that dichotomy, it seems to me that what it shows is ancient ”.

Finally Juanita He asked her about Mariana Nannis: “Oh, how difficult Mariana. At this moment I sympathize with her for all this that is happening to her, with the ex, the twine and everything ”and about Ana María Picchio, who was sitting at the table right in front of her. “You are a genius, a sweetie. If I don’t like you, I’ll tell you to your face because I have a problem with that topic. But you are a genius, you give me a tenderness. I love how you eat, I would take you home ”, he declared.

The sayings of Yanina Latorre about Maru Botana

The scandal between Yanina and Maru It started years ago when they were going to college together. During an interview with Radio Miter, the panelist revealed: “It ruined my adolescence. She was my classmate from college. Good bitches are the worst. She has no friends and no one loves her. I wouldn’t even sit down with her for coffee. ” Maru she denied everything and said that they were only classmates for two years.

Given this, Yanina He treated her as a liar and reminded her of a very hard time that the two of them went through at that time. According to her, Botana she had a lot of problems with her self-esteem and she dumped everything on her. “I have known her my whole life. Maru, you talk about two years because for two years we were friends, the second we stopped being friends because you had a personal problem with my body, because I was skinny. You were bullying me and you left me without friends ”, he accused her.

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