Juana Viale hurried and bothered Espert in El Trece: “This is torture”

Jose Luis Espert was one of the guests to The Night of Mirtha Legrand (The thirteen) for him tv show open that lead Juana Viale at prime time. On this occasion, last Saturday, November 20, the verbose elected national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires for the party Freedom Advances he had to undergo a very difficult test by the presenter.

Apart from the political leader, they were in the study of the Clarín Group ultra-opposition journalists Monica Gutierrez and Rolando Barbano, in addition to the mayor of Tres de Febrero de Together for Change, Diego Valenzuela. There, most eyes were on the 60-year-old right-wing economist born in Pergamino.

José Luis Espert was hurried live by Juana Viale in El Trece: “A torture”

Jose Luis Espert participated in a regular challenge in The Night of Mirtha, which has to do with their reaction when they are shown the faces of different characters with whom they are confronted, so the protagonists are obliged to say something positive about them. The section is known as “The Truth Scanner”.

Then, “Juanita” He proposed directly: “So that on December 10 they receive you with good vibes, you have to say something positive about these deputies with whom you are going to share the sessions.” However, the guest was not far behind and replied: “Do you say that I have to say something nice about anyone you name? This, more than ‘the scanner’, is torture. “

Espert submitted to Juana Viale’s “truth scanner” in El Trece

However, beyond the “suffering”, the politician of Freedom Advances He was left with no choice but to accept the game and the first face he saw was that of Sergio Massa, of who thought, among other things, that “He plays tag with airplanes, he’s fast”.

When it appeared Máximo Kirchner, Espert she expressed: “Oh, don’t do this to me please … I like the hair you have “. Later, he had to praise Nicolas del Caño, which he ironically defined as “an invaluable museum piece”. As to Fernando Iglesias placeholder image, he commented between laughs that he liked the back cover he made of his book entitled devoured argentine: How unions, prebendary businessmen and politicians sabotage the development of the country and how to beat them to take off.

Juana Viale bothered José Luis Espert for El Trece.

Espert destroyed Martín Tetaz in La Noche de Mirtha

Everything got more tense about the end, when Juana Viale asked him for Fernanda vallejos placeholder image and Expert she said: “No, don’t be mean. What do I know … It is the symbol of femininity in Kirchnerism. Look how chamuyo. “Finally, when they showed Tetaz, who will be your colleague for Together for Change for the City of Buenos Aires, declared: “It’s good that I measure like this, your height … Because, if I measured more, it would be even more unbearable. I don’t like it, I used to be a Kirchnerist. You don’t remember because you are very young, but I do”.

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Juana Viale hurried and bothered Espert in El Trece: “This is torture”