Jorgelina Cardoso, Ángel Di María’s wife, furious with Luli Fernández: “Is it necessary to invent so much?”

Without a doubt, the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo DePaul is leaving collateral damage. This Wednesday, in the program Show Partners, the panelist Luli Fernandez assured that the issue had already been installed among the women of the soccer players of the Argentine National Team, arguing that both Jorgelina Cardosowife of Ángel Di María, as Camila Galante, wife of Leandro Paredes, they had stopped following the singer on Instagram (and also China Suárez) in support of Camila Homs, the former Atlético Madrid midfielder.

After hearing the sayings, Cardoso came out to deny the model through an Instagram story: “Hello @Lulifernandezok. Is it necessary to invent so much? I followed Tini because of my daughter Mia, for a very short time when she gave her recital in Paris. Then I unfollowed her, before the start of the pandemic. I don’t even remember if I ever followed China (maybe I did) and much less remember having stopped doing it. Thanks, but stop splashing everywhere and getting us all into other people’s problems.”, wrote the mother of the daughters of the PSG player.

This Thursday, as soon as the cycle led by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares started, Luli Fernández referred to the subject and said that, given this reaction on networks, he contacted Di María’s wife. “Last night I was drinking chamomile tea and suddenly this story comes to me in which Jorgelina is super angry. I spoke with her privately”, expressed the panelist while showing the extensive talk they had privately.

“Hello Jorgelina, the information about the discomfort and disgust in relation to Tini and China arises from your direct environment. Regarding the follow and unfollow, we show exactly what you mention, that you followed both and stopped doing it. A kiss, ”Fernández explained, closing his comment with a heart.

However, his answer made Cardoso explode even more. “What direct environment are you talking about? I don’t know Cami Homs, I don’t know De Paul, don’t turn the tables on me. Your message implies that I have now stopped following the protagonists and it was not NOW. Do not splash me, do not invent my environment because my direct environment is very far from giving data to journalists and much less FALSE. Other people’s quilombos with me no. And much less if they invent them. I take great care of my name and that of my family. They hadn’t splashed me until today, but I’m not going to allow them to say anything and on top of that so loosely, ”the blonde replied, using capital letters to highlight what she wanted to say.

“I understand your annoyance, but as I just told you, this is made notice to me by a person who frequents you. I have nothing personal with you or with anyone. I’m sorry this bothers you so much. You will understand that due to the scope of the matter all eyes are on the protagonists and the environment. Rodrigo De Paul is a National Team player as is your husband and Paredes. That’s why all this information comes to us ”, she attacked the firm model in her position while she remarked that by answering her through an Instagram story she only increased the controversy.

“Why would I do it in private? If you invent something of mine in public, I deny you in public, and if you wrote to me in private before speaking, I would answer you with THE BEST AND WITH THE TRUTH in private”, Cardoso justified himself, who immediately gave the panelist some advice: “ When they tell you something, check it out with the person, because if you don’t, you’re going to have talks like this many times. Your production I don’t know what I check. If you show your face in a program, answers can come to you”, she launched furiously, while inviting her informant to chat with her: “I know that rule number 1 is not to give away the source, but tell your source to write to me tomorrow I treat him/her with great pleasure”, he expressed.

“What they told me is that when you upload the story to your Instagram, the topic naturally grows and that if you want to prevent it from being talked about, uploading the story is not going to happen. But I understand your anger, I understand that many times they expose themselves to a lot of bad milk and I think it speaks very well of you that you always jump to defend your husband. I would do the same. Believe me that there was never any bad intention and that as I said personally and with my production we expose ourselves with the information we have and many times we keep things to ourselves (believe it or not). It was checked that you did not follow the accounts and we had the capture that you followed Tini’s long ago and Eugenia, “Fernández insisted again.

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“And I would have no problem telling you who comes and tells me things, but I’m not going to do it because it’s my source. When you tell me: ‘I know how you guys play’ I think you’re wrong. I do not play in any way, I do not throw myself against anyone, nor do I have animosity against you or anyone. I think it is important that this is clear”, He finished trying to calm the waters.

Finally, the conversation ended cordially and Luli promised to clarify the issue this morning on the air. “Obviously tomorrow we will do the theme in the program and we will comment, as you published, that the unfollows existed but that they are extemporaneous,” the model promised. “Sure, but you have to clarify that I stopped following them 97 years ago. And to the China that I know if I ever followed her. Really, for my end. Goddess kisses, good night ”, Cardoso said goodbye.

Seeing this extensive talk, Pallares said: “No one gets so angry if it’s not true. They can talk, say, invent any nonsense anywhere, but one knows that it is not true. But when it’s true, you get angry.”

“The reality is that what we wanted to communicate is that there was a Empathy on the part of the women of the players of our National Team with Camila Homs, because they understood that she was in a victim situation -not of Tini but of De Paul’s bad behavior- and we showed that sisterhood (…). The important thing is always to maintain respect and education, and if she clarifies something on the subject for me, I have no problem going out and saying it,” the panelist concluded.

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Jorgelina Cardoso, Ángel Di María’s wife, furious with Luli Fernández: “Is it necessary to invent so much?”