June 11, 2021

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Jorge Rial’s message after his resignation from TV Nostra: “This is not the time to speak, but to reflect”

Jorge Rials message after his resignation from TV Nostra This
Jorge Rial
Jorge Rial

After announcing the lifting of TV Nostra, Jorge Rial used his social networks to share a message sent by the actor Alberto Fernández de Rosa. Former driver of Intruders He also assured that at this moment he was not going to speak, but to think.

“Thank you all,” wrote the journalist on Instagram along with the video of the announcement on Friday in the America cycle in which he said that the program was coming to an end. Then he wrote: “This is not the time to speak, but to reflect. Look at the future with the experience of the past ”. Then, he shared the message that the actor sent him from programs such as News table, Big Dad!, Chiquititas, Violetta Y My hope and when referring to the artist’s words, he assured: “No one understood my decision better.”

″ It is exhilarating in a gray age, of eschatological shadows, that someone tries to go against the mainstream. Today we work on copying, not on originality, it is perhaps the clearest characteristic of television media in recent years. I’m not your suit, but sixty years of screens authorize me to get involved in your event. On the other hand, in relation to the existing production within the genre, in which your program was, yours was, for me, in the best place, and that’s why sometimes I was watching it, ”wrote Paco.

With sadness and emotion, Jorge Rial said goodbye to TV Nostra

Then the artist highlighted: “I call your critical attitude original, unusual among us, notice that we live in a country where, supposedly, no one is wrong: politicians, professionals, journalists, trade unionists, employers’ corporations, the government and the opposition never look at each other with a sincere eye in the mirror. TV Nostra has been a good attempt, we do TV with many limitations, simply that they are not noticed is already a feat; I do not want to analyze the content here, but there was creativity, clarity of purpose, consistent production ”.

The protagonist of The craziest bathers in the world rated the media as “Impious” and continued: “The generators of triggers for consumption want the short and safe path, the public has been tamed to see each one in their locker, the diverse is prohibited. And here is your great merit: to innovate, to verify the effectiveness or inconvenience (sometimes these are simply temporary, out of time) and not to play the fool, that is a contribution for all of us! ”.

“Our great national problem is ethical and saying ‘I was wrong’ is an example that should be taken by those who circulate in the culture, the public figures of sports, art, communication, but, much more, those of politics. Many times, good politicians, maintain behaviors of the hegemonic culture because it is very easy to fall into it and more, believing themselves above the rest, ”Paco closed.

Alberto Fernandez de Rosa
Alberto Fernandez de Rosa

After almost two months of the program, on the Friday before closing Jorge Rial took a few minutes to announce his decision. “I made the decision to end TV Nostra With all the pain in the world Sometimes one on this side of the screen is overvalued, thinks that he is up for something else, or that he knows what the other wants. A lot happens in this environment and sometimes we get angry and prefer to bitch people and blame them. And the truth is, this is not the case ”.

When i decided to leave Intruders, that registered trademark that thanks to God is working great, it left that space of comfort that everyone wants, and started a new challenge, as it was TV Nostra“The driver recalled about the professional change that he faced in 2021, and elaborated on the matter:” I made him happy with life, making a personal bet, believing that the circumstances gave for a more relaxed program, or getting more into politics, maybe in irony … We didn’t make it, didn’t make it, actually, because this is absolutely my responsibility and no one else’s.”, He pointed out before filling his teammates with praise.