Jorge Javier jokes with Yolanda Díaz: “With what I supported Pedro Sánchez and he did not give me a sad ministry”

Yolanda Diaz has been the last guest Fortunato’s donkeysYouTube video podcast hosted by Jorge Javier Vazquez. The Vice President of the Government visited the house of the presenter of Telecincowhere she was interviewed by the television station and her usual collaborators, who asked her about her brilliant political rise, about the “beauty” of Pedro Sanchez and the “disappointment” that has brought Alberto Núñez Feijóo in his jump to the national sphere.

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The recording of this program took place several days before May 6, since Yolanda Díaz affirms during the talk that she will soon have her birthday, which took place on that date. For this reason, neither the guest nor Jorge Javier mention the controversial cancellation of Sálvame, news that was released on the afternoon of May 5. At that moment, none of them knew the controversial decision that Mediaset was going to make and, therefore, they do not make the slightest reference to the convulsive situation that the Fuencarral group is going through.

Yolanda Díaz and the wound that she has not been able to close

The program began with Jorge Javier alone with Yolanda Díaz, whom he interviewed transferring “questions that, according to Google, are asked to celebrities.” One of them led to the most serious moment of the entire installment: “What kind of injuries is the most difficult for you to recover from?”, the Catalan was interested. “Buff, my mother’s death… I still haven’t recovered today”confessed the leader of Sumar.

“It was eleven years ago and I did not recover today. I haven’t been to her house yet. I am not able. Every day I think about calling her. I have as well an instinct to call her. It was a horrible death, with horrible, horrible pain. He didn’t have an easy life, no”, explained Díaz, who, despite this, affirmed that she still felt very close to her: “My daughter’s name is Carmela, like her, and my daughter talks about her grandmother Carmela every day, that is, I keep her very much in mind. So I haven’t healed yet. My sisters have brought me their clothes, their shoes, a lot of things but I am not able to go”, she declares.

The rest of the questions to the also Minister of Labor were more banal, which provoked Jorge Javier’s jokes: “It is being a very tough interview… More journalism!”, released the one from Badalona, ​​parodying the famous motto promoted by Antonio Garcia Ferreras in Red Hot.

Jorge Javier’s joke with Pedro Sánchez

After a few minutes, Jorge Javier gave way to his collaborators: Paloma Rando, Carles Cuevas and Isabel VazquezFrom that moment on, the talk became more relaxed, with personal questions and some more trivial ones to the guest, who claimed to know who she was. Rafael Mora but not him Master Joaofamous characters from the Telecinco universe.

Regarding the expectations that exist around his candidacy and the “hopes” placed in it, Díaz affirmed that it is something that gives him “a lot of fear.” “They say things to politicians, but people cry to me, they think that I can fix many things and it gives me a lot of responsibility. Is this serious i drown sometimes”, he acknowledged.

Jorge Javier did not hesitate to show his support in the elections and joked that he would return the favor in the future: “Hey, with which I supported Pedro Sánchez and he did not give me a sad ministry… When you are president, I had thought that since the Ministry of the Environment exists, I want the entire environment”, the presenter said between laughs, looking for the double meaning of the word.

The “disappointment” with Feijóo and the “terror” with Olona

Carles Cuevas took advantage of the opportunity to ask the vice president if Pedro Sánchez’s “beauty” is something that is talked about in the highest spheres of politics: “It is evidence. Yes, it is discussed. It’s just that he’s not only handsome, he’s elegant too, it’s true”, Díaz replied, to which Jorge Javier also asked about the current leader of the PP. “How quiet you had it, what a disappointment Feijóo…”, introduced the television.

“You never listened to Galician men and women. Yes we said yes… It is as it is. In Galicia we used to say it, but since we are Galician and Galician, no one listened to us there…”, defended the minister, who commented with the gatherings “the disenchantment” that has even produced in the ranks of the PP. “In my neighborhood, where there are a lot of conservative people, I was with some friends of my parents who live there and they were talking about it, they were surprised by how it was…”, revealed Díaz, who believes that “because of the trajectory it has , I should know many more things”. “It’s surprising that he doesn’t learn,” she lamented.

Paloma Rando recalled during the interview some words by Macarena Olona with Évole in which she stated that “the only person I have not been able to break has been Yolanda Díaz”. “That scared me, it scared me. He gave me first because of fear, second surprise because of the conception of politics. What she said is very serious, but it is what happens in Spanish politics, it is outrageous, ”reflected the aforementioned.

Finally, before “beatifying” Yolanda Díaz, leaving “in procession” behind her, and jokingly asking her to drink from a cup of coffee to put it in a showcase in her house, Jorge Javier let out one last joke: “We have not mentioned Pablo Iglesias, how good we have been…”said the presenter, recalling that they did not address the conflict between Sumar and Podemos during the talk.

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Jorge Javier jokes with Yolanda Díaz: “With what I supported Pedro Sánchez and he did not give me a sad ministry”