Joaquín Prat’s nod to Sonsoles Ónega on the fifth anniversary of ‘Ya es mediodía’

‘It’s noon’ is celebrating its fifth anniversary on the air and Joaquín Prat wanted to send a message of thanks to all those people who have been part of so many successes. The presenter has addressed Sonsoles Ónega in the most affectionate way, about to celebrate one year of his bomb signing by Antena 3

Mediaset is living a time of great changes. Next Friday, June 23, the network will say goodbye forever to ‘Save Me’, one of the group’s most successful programs with the longest track record. The team and collaborators of the space are preparing to say goodbye to us while Joaquín Prat (48 years old) has celebrated the fifth anniversary of ‘Ya es mediodía’, the program that he has led for almost a year after the departure of Sonsoles Ónega to Antena 3 . The presenter has dedicated some affectionate words to his ex-partner and has attributed the success of the format to her despite the fact that it is no longer.

The affectionate message that Joaquín Prat has dedicated to Sonsoles Ónega

It is a very important day for the entire team that makes up ‘It’s already noon’. The program celebrates five years on the air and Joaquín Prat has not hesitated to send a message of thanks to all those people who have accompanied them throughout this journey and, in particular, to Sonsoles Ónega and Marc Calderó, the journalist who replaced the communicator during her vacations and who was also a fundamental part of so many joys.

“It seems like a dream when Sonsoles Ónega started 5 years ago now. If I’m honest, she and the team could tell you this better, but nobody gave a penny for this program, nobody. But more than 1,200 programs later we are here. Thank you to a team of formidable people, who work with passion, which is what moves the world, and thanks to you. The merit of these people and of those who are no longer here, to the previous presenter of Sonsoles, I have already named her, but also to Marc Calderó and others. Thanks to them we are here and I hope there will be many more”, said Joaquín Prat, very excited and eager to continue reaping success with this format that has become the headline program for so many people.

Joaquín Prat celebrates the fifth anniversary of ‘Ya es mediodía’.


Sonsoles Ónega happy on Antena 3

Sonsoles Ónega made a leap into the competition in 2022, signing up for the new Antena 3 news magazine. ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ is the new format in which the journalist has devoted herself body and soul and, her latest publication on Instagram shows that you are proud to be part of that chain: “Impressive catalogue. Everything is good. Lujazo”, He has written for his more than 180,000 followers on social networks. The journalist has not spoken about the anniversary of the program that she presented until last summer and she has focused on her new space and on the new team with which she works side by side.

Sonsoles Onega

Sonsoles Ónega at an event with Antena 3 in Madrid.

Instagram @sonsolesonega

The new professional course of Marc Calderó

Joaquín Prat has not only remembered Sonsoles Ónega, but also Marc Calderó. Like his ‘boss’, the journalist also opted for a change of channel and took charge of ‘Hablando claro’ together with Lourdes Maldonado on TVE. And, finally, the salary that is pocketed has been known: 1,400 euros per week while his partner earns 1,000.

How the signing of Sonsoles Ónega by Antena 3 came about

During a visit to ‘El Hormiguero’ by Pablo Motos, Sonsoles Ónega elaborated on his departure from Telecinco, giving all the details and how his new career on another of the most prestigious television networks was developed: “I was wearing a girdle in my Mediaset dressing room. I received a call from a number I did not know and I put the speaker because I thought they were calling me from the children’s camp. It was July 1st. She was with a stylist and we heard that she was the secretary of the CEO of Atresmedia. That day we closed ‘It’s already 8’ and a week later we had a meeting in a hotel. There I met the CEO of Atresmedia, Carlos Fernandez Alonso and He told me 5 words: ‘We have a plan for you'”, the journalist commented.

Although at first it was clear to him, Sonsoles gave himself a period of 48 hours to really decide which chain he was going to choose: “With a lot of heartache, I told my bosses that I was leaving. It’s almost harder than a divorce. They were the two most distressing days of my life. I told Paolo Vasile, whom I thank for the opportunity he gave me because otherwise he would not be here, “he settled.

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Joaquín Prat’s nod to Sonsoles Ónega on the fifth anniversary of ‘Ya es mediodía’