Jey Mammón revealed if he leaves America TV: “It’s very particular”

Jey Mammón was invited to The night of Mirtha legrand (The thirteen) and he referred to various issues, including his personal and professional future. The driver of The Mammons (America TV) was fully honest when those present in the study of the open channel of the Clarín Group they consulted him about it. Are you leaving the canal or not?

In addition to Juan Martin Rago, several recognized protagonists visited the apartment in the last program of the year: Juana Viale, the diva’s granddaughter; Ricardo Darín; Darío Barassi and Diego Torres. There, the 45-year-old singer, comedian, actor and impersonator He responded promptly if he will continue or not in the signal that sheltered him this last season and that he showed it as one of the great revelations on the national small screen.

Jey Mammón revealed whether or not to leave America TV: “Not everything is so easy”

When the talk was relaxed in The thirteen, Mirtha legrand addressed directly to the leader of The Mammons. “You ask me the question to choke”He acknowledged with a laugh, so he hinted that a complicated query could come in The Night of Mirtha.

To “stop” in some way, the first thing the protagonist did was list the professional projects he has on the horizon. Some of them include no less than several stars such as Diego Torres, Lucía and Joaquín Galán de The Pimpernel, Luciano Pereyra, Miranda and Ramón “Palito” Ortega. “I want to tell about that because it makes me happy. Do you remember that I told you that I have the piano closed? You told me ‘it’s going to open’ … And it opened ”, Jey Mammón told” La Chiqui “.

What’s more, Jey He recalled that his own grandfather locked his father’s piano to prevent him from dedicating himself to music and going to college. However, he remarked that he managed to fulfill his dreams and assured that “this year, now speaking seriously, it started with something very beautiful that was The Mammons“. And he acknowledged: “It opened the doors for me to do wonderful things and it opened the piano for me. I feel that my father, who left this year, opened the piano for me and gave me the opportunity to share with musicians.”

Jey Mammón and his uncertain future on television for 2022.

However, when Mirtha legrand questioned him as to whether or not he will continue America TV, the driver replied with the evasiveness that “Not everything is so easy” and that there are things that do not depend on it. To close, he declared: “You catch me on a very particular day, in which I can’t say anything else … I am very grateful to America, but next year I don’t know what will happen “.

Jey Mammón would leave América TV, heading to Telefe?

Everything indicates that Juan Martin Rago will go to Telefe to command a program with a totally new format for Argentina. Although it is not confirmed, in principle it would be something similar to the call Carpool Karaoke, popularized by host James Corden in the United States, and who in the offices of ViacomCBS they would have it available.

Although the artist had several proposals on the table in recent weeks, the possibility of being in front of a program broadcast by Telefe It is the one that most seduced him, in addition to being the media that comfortably leads the rating since 2019.

In short, the cycle would be a fun meeting between the driver and a celebrity by broadcast inside a car, managed by either one. There, both express themselves without filter and with laughter in between on the personal or work issues while touring the city and referring to personal anecdotes, colleagues, moments of life and current affairs in general.

Why are there rumors that Jey Mammón’s pass to Telefe may be in danger

About the negotiations between America TV Y Telefe, Marina Calabró revealed in Lanata without filter (Radio Miter, AM 790): “Talking with Telefe, they tell me that the first thing that happened is that there was a call from a high authority of America TV, who did not specify who he is, to an executive of Telefe about this version “.

Regarding the information they provided, the 47-year-old journalist and political scientist added: “I’m going to read verbatim what he told me: ‘We adhere to good industry practices. We do not steal figures because we know that this increases production costs, nor do we go for the theft of sponsors’ “.

What’s more, Marina Calabró he speculated that Juan Martín Rago “may have been tempted by an independent producer with ties to Telefe or by someone from the channel, but no decision maker. From Jey’s environment, they would have told him that December 31 is free … The problem with this is that Jey Mammón’s contract has a clause in favor of America.

At the same time, the presenter stressed that from the signal of Viacom they assured him that indeed “They are interested in hiring” of the comedian, although his wish is that he first terminate his bond with America. “The profit we obtain is minimal compared to the cost of robbing a figure in the industry”, explained the source of the communicator.

Finally, Marina commented that from Telefe they advise Jey Mammon to apologize to America TV and, for now, the authorities will be waiting for the end of their contract with that channel to begin negotiations for a new project together.

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Jey Mammón revealed if he leaves America TV: “It’s very particular”