Jey Mammon broke the silence after Cris Morena’s fat-phobic comment: “He shot anywhere”

Cris Morena had a controversial passage through the program The Mammons, when he told Hey mammon that, to conduct a remake of Play with me, you would have to lose a bit, in reference to your weight. The comment was branded as “fat phobic” and generated repudiation on social networks. Faced with such repercussions, the driver himself came out to comment on what happened in his cycle.

It all started in the segment “21 to 21 ″, where the guests must answer 21 questions, Jey asked him about a possible return of Jugate with me. When Morena answered that it was possible, the journalist took the opportunity to investigate further: “Who could host the remake of the show? You?”. “Santiago del Moro … You, going down a bit “, the producer slid in, gesturing to imply that she was referring to Mammon’s weight.

“Always such an esthete, Cris. Love it”affirmed the driver with a smile. “So I have no chances,” added panelist Gabriel Schultz, causing laughter from those present. “No, no, lie. It was a joke. I say yes because it would be amazing, but I really wouldn’t. I really don’t believe, or I don’t know, ”Morena admitted.

Jey Mammon’s release

Hey mammon gave a radio interview to the cycle of Fabian Doman on Radio La Red, AM 910, and talked about the phrase.

“I didn’t know Cris, when I saw her before the program there was silence, we held hands and looked at each other for a while, it was like something energetic, I admire her a lot. She told me that she was very nervous and I told her “You can’t even imagine!” He told me to relax between the two of us. I tell it because it seems to me that when you’re nervous sometimes you shoot anywhere, and it’s also a program that I really enjoyed because I found it beautiful from the note to the musical part. I discovered in her a woman that I already knew, extremely empowered and super generating, but having her there close was magnified “, said Jey in a talk with Fabián Doman and Agus Monti.

And ended: “When she says it’s a joke I think she’s nervous and shoots anywhere. It may be that the concept of TV, because I told her there, is something I said there, the concept of TV, beyond all how deep it is for her and her creativity, it’s probably a TV concept with people who respond to certain canons, I have no idea, but the reality is that I said what I think, I have nothing more to add, I told him what I think. However, it made me more weight, personally, because the comment did not affect me… I understand the repercussion because there are certain thousands of people on the other side, so when you speak on TV you are not only talking to the one who is there, you are getting into other people’s houses. I ignored the moment I met her much more, when we talked about my father and his daughter Romina, that we sing, we have fun, yes, obviously, the accent is on at that moment but I have to tell you that it did not affect me in the least because I already have it worked. “