Jason Momoa takes off his clothes during a live show

One of the most important actors in Hollywood it is Jason Momoahe is not only a good actor, he is also a nice man who knows how to win the affection of his public. The great success he achieved playing Aquaman catapulted him to become much more famous. In a recent interview he caused a stir because he has taken off his clothes live and everyone they are amazed by the great body he shows off.

Jason Momoa he is a big, tall manmeasures 1.93 And to this we add the volume of muscles that he has developed, it is impossible for him to go unnoticed, he has trained a lot to interpret his characters that require strength and power in your body.

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Just a few hours ago a video appeared that has gone viral, it turns out that actor Jason Momoa was a guest on the television show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ This program is recognized because the guests do everything and always leave the audience happy with life and who did not want to be left behind was Jason who took off his clothes and showed almost everything.

What happened is that a photo came out days ago where Jason shows himself showing his buttocks on a boat, and he is only wearing a loincloth. Jimmy asked him why he was showing off his butt and the funny actor replied that what he was doing was tanning his butt because it was so white and he likes to get into his character.

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“I was preparing for the part because I like to get into character, I was tanning my white butt.”

And Jimmy immediately asked, “And are you wearing it under your clothes right now?” At that moment Jason did not hesitate to get up from the sofa and take off all his clothes except for the loincloth. Momoa turns around showing all her attributes, leaving everyone impressed.

Jimmy immediately, seeing a tremendous body and great attributes, mentioned: “I have never felt more like Danny DeVito than at this moment.”

Thousands of messages can be seen in the video highlighting Jason Momoa’s beautiful body: “Jason is the man of my life, he looks spectacular, with everything in its place”, “But how well reported is Jason Momoa, the best of the program “. “Thank you Jimmy for having a luxury and manly guest like Jason Momoa.”

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Jason Momoa takes off his clothes during a live show