Jamaica was born, the daughter of L-Ghent: he presented her on the networks with a tender photo

Tamara Báez and Elián Ángel Valenzuela

Elián Angel Valenzuela -popularly known as L-Gante– announced the birth of his daughter Jamaica, fruit of his relationship with his girlfriend, Tamara baez. As the young woman had told in her social networks, she began with contractions on Sunday after the election day that was experienced throughout the country. Earlier, the musician had provided statements from his home in General Rodríguez, in which he had assured that planned to meet with Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner after the primary, open, simultaneous and compulsory elections (PASO).

“While I have contractions, I read what they put on me and they are great. Thank you very much really. If they only knew how they helped me all this time by raising my spirits and self-esteem “, Tamara wrote on her Instagram account in a series of Stories in which she also showed her way to the medical center to give birth to her daughter. Already admitted there, she shared the minute by minute of the previous to the arrival of Jamaica.

Always accompanied by her partner and her mother, the young woman published the latest photos with her pregnant belly. For example, he even amused himself with the memes that his followers sent him. “Last hours with my beautiful little girl inside”; “Eternal every minute. Give it, daughter “wrote Tamara, who also danced inside the room: “Taking a few steps to delay”. “We are hungry and we cannot eat,” he added early this Monday.

Tamara shared the minutes before the birth of Jamaica, her daughter with L-Ghent
Tamara shared the minutes before the birth of Jamaica, her daughter with L-Ghent

It was L-Ghent himself who announced the birth of his daughter, who arrived around 4:30 in the morning. “That’s where Jamaica was born. Here the kids made me the second one “said the musician in a video he recorded from the door of the medical center where his friends accompanied him and waited outside to live with him that moment.

“Nearly 4:20 was not born. Born 4:29, king! “, detailed the rag, referring to the concept that he popularized with his music.

Later, Elián published photos of the birth and the first seconds of Jamaica’s life. Tamara, for her part, was moved and posted a picture of her family. “Thank you, God, for allowing me to live this”, she indicated and showed her boyfriend and daughter already in the room.

L-Gante and Tamara introduced their daughter Jamaica
L-Gante and Tamara introduced their daughter Jamaica

Elián and Tamara met in adolescence and, according to what he said a few weeks ago, invited to the Mirtha Legrand program – led by Juana Viale – they had some twists and turns, which is why they do not have an anniversary date. “She was a schoolmate of a friend of mine, of my good friends from the neighborhood. And nothing, I liked her and she didn’t pay attention to me. At one point she did give me a little attention and we got together with her and my friend, we met, everything, and that’s how it was. Then I started hanging out without my friend. We came and went so many times that we no longer have an anniversary, let’s say ”.

On another occasion, the singer said that he is building his house to live with his partner and daughter. “I can give you everything. Even what we didn’t have. Today I am just 21 years old. And nowadays, That’s my biggest reason to be happy! The giles who live the movie, that I live life, “he said in an Instagram post.

At that time, Claudia -the musician’s mother- told Teleshow that her daughter-in-law was seven months pregnant. “They have been together for many years. He had the baby shower, it was very nice. We had a good time. Tamara spent a few days with me and now she is at her mother’s house, to be more accompanied, ”said L-Gante’s mother, who was on tour abroad during those days and returned weeks before the birth of her daughter.

Since they made the news of the pregnancy public, Tamara and the musician shared their feelings on social networks. “Less and less is missing. I can’t wait to have my two babies in bed, watch them sleep together “, L-Ghent had written next to a photo in which he was kissing his partner’s belly.


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