“It’s no use pa ni ma ..”, Faitelson’s harsh criticism of Perro Bermúdez

Who else but David Fatelson. Once again the person of the controversy, the journalist from ESPN this time he went against Enrique Bermudezcurrent narrator of TUDN. It was in an interview with the comedian Franco Escamillaon your YouTube show “Throwing Ball”already entered into confidence Faitelson said that he Dog “It does not work for father or mother.”

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Now yes, during the pool game that was armed with Escamilla, Faitelson dropped the bomb, said that Bermudez it only serves to say colorful phrases, like the same Dog he says, but outside of that he doesn’t know how to do anything else in sports journalism.

“The Dog he’s good at doing ugh, ugh, reversing ugh, and adding flavor to his transmissions, but otherwise, with all due respect, he’s no good at all,” he commented Faitelson when the topic came up on the pool table.

the same David He also recalled that in the past he has already had some confrontations with the narrator of TUDN.

“I had a row with him, but he is a very good narrator, a very good historical narrator, but don’t ask him for journalism, because he’s not a journalist, period, and don’t ask him for his opinion, because he doesn’t know how to give an opinion; Am I telling a lie? Please, “he added. David.

David Fatelson continued to play with the comedian while the conversation about the Bermudez dog walked away, in the same episode, Franco Escamilla gave his interviewee a T-shirt from the Brazil’s selection signed by the carioca soccer star, peel.

Perro Bermúdez will withdraw from the media

The Bermudez dog will live the Qatar World Cup 2022 as his last World Cup in professional sports narration.

Although it will not be his official farewell from television, but as his farewell tour seems to be planned, the narrator will still have participation in a few more games after the worldbecause he wants to share microphones with some colleagues in the middle before retiring completely.

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“It’s no use pa ni ma ..”, Faitelson’s harsh criticism of Perro Bermúdez